The Up Series by Michael Apted

This series started in 1964 and took a group of 7 year old British kids from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, interviewed them on various subjects, and then returned every 7 years to get their outlook on their lives and the world around them.
The first film was called “7 Up” and IMO, was the most entertaining because of the times and the responses of the children were humorous in many ways. One of the children was asked would he like to get married some day and his response was that he didn’t like to eat “greens” and maybe his wife would make some “greens” for dinner sometime and he wouldn’t like that, so, no he didn’t think he would get married.:slight_smile: One of the boys, named Simon was living in an orphanage and sounded very sad and I felt sorry for him. Other children were from well to do families and living in boarding schools. One named Andrew was asked if he had a girlfriend and he said, “Yes, I do but I don’t think much of her”…
The series goes every 7 years until the children reach the age of 49. And now I believe they have filmed the “56 Up” show. Am waiting for this on Netflix, where I saw the other parts of the series.
Has anyone else seen this? It’s fascinating how the children change over time and how they change as adults.

I’ve seen the series. 56 and Up probably will probably be released on Netflix next year, judging by how fast they upload new seasons. My favorite is 49 and Up.

I was glad to see Neil doing better than in previous years in “49”. But I wonder how many will participate in “56 Up”. Suzy said in “49” that she’d had enough and Jackie was really angry with Michael Apted in that one too.

Well, they might choose to drop out… it wouldn’t be too hard for them to do.

Neil is one of my favorites. Had a whirlwind life but I’m proud of what he has managed to achieve.

Spoiler alert.
Me too! He was the cutest little boy with such a big smile. It was sad to see him struggling and homeless when he got older. But in 49 he seemed to rely on his faith quite a bit which shows how God can bring something good out of a seemingly hopeless situation.
I was really impressed with Bruce too. He was such a thoughtful little boy and he still seemed to be very close to his faith as he got older. It was nice to see how he helped Neil out when he went to London.

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