The Upside- Down World of Catholic Higher Education

I really don’t know where this fits. It probably will be moved. But a facinating article on what Traditionalists pretty much know.

No article. Just a place to post something new.



Hello Keepitreal.
I’m afraid that your link looped me back to posting opportunities for this thread, so I searched for your thread title online and found this article at Catholic World Report.
If it is not what you were pointing us towards, please forgive my unintended thread derailment.
Here is the link I found.

I appreciated the article, remembering that it was not so long ago that the University discussed presented a play despite protests from many alumni and an email / phone campaign requesting tht the V…monologues might not be the best choice for their campus.
The fact that the University seems to be more carefully considering how it might support the faith is encouraging and may indicate increased receptiveness to feedback. Thank you for sharing.

Since Beattie now has a sudden opening in her schedule, I’d like to invite her to come and address the faithful after our local EF Mass. I’m sure she will find a receptive audience.:rolleyes:

I’m sure the good people at your local EF Mass would respond pretty much like the good people at my OF parish, and most all of the OF parishes in the US for that matter. The EF crowd doesn’t have the market on finding the Ms Beattie offensive. We OF faithful find her to be quite offensive, too! :smiley:

Thanks for the help!!!

An interesting topic, but it is not Catholic customs or tradition.


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