The US Church is going broke. Here’s why, and what it could mean


“Even when people can actually go to Mass, the margins in most parishes are thin.”

This article speaks of bad effects the collapsing global economy because of coronavirus has on parishes and dioceses, and the permanent effects this will have on them in the future.

Help our struggling Churches Lord please.

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I just don’t see the US economy collapsing, or any other economy. I’m sure there will be a downturn, but things look like they will get back to normal.

All these predictions of economic doom from pundits have not manifested at all. No surprise there though.


I somehow don’t think of the “Malaysia Herald Online” as the place where I’d go looking for my economic news, unless I was primarily interested in the Malaysian economy.

Edited to add, I see there is a US CNA version with an author credit. The author appears to be the editor-in-chief of CNA and a canon lawyer. Still not a reliable source on economic prediction.
As for decreasing funding to the USCCB, that sounds like a good idea even if there’s no COVID crisis. Spend it locally.

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