The US has a new friend in the region: Iran


**The US has a new friend in the region: Iran **

A calculated strategic swap of allegiances as Iran replaces Saudi Arabia as the United States’ favoured regional ally?

Last week, a US drone strike in the Yemeni province of Baydah reportedly killed up to 20 al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) fighters. Among the dead was Shawki Ali Ahmed al Badani, wanted for his role in a plot that led to the closure of US embassies across the region in 2013. While the target was AQAP’s leadership, it will have been welcomed by the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels who took Yemen’s capital Sanaa in September and have since been in open warfare with AQAP.


Am I missing something?



My guess is this is a “hand on the holster” scenario.


What’s that?


Netanyahu would not be happy about that.


Just an exaggerated news headline. They’re still on opposing sides in Syria, and Iran’s Supreme Leader just had this to say


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