The US, IS and the conspiracy theory sweeping Lebanon


“Most people here believe the US and Saudi are one and when it comes strictly down to oil money, the ultimate benefactor from the whole IS debacle is Saudi/the US. As history has taught us, it is usually the benefactors who are the instigators,” says Amer Murad, a native of Beirut.

                          I'd call it a very plausible theory.


Read all the article. The rumors are based on a fabrication of something Hillary Clinton supposedly said in her book. Which she didn’t say.

I recommend we don’t spread rumors and gossip, it really doesn’t do anyone any good and feeds into what ISIS wants.


There’s a whole lot more too it then simply comments that Hillary Clinton allegedly made. There’s the US government’s close ties to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, secret training camps in Jordan and Turkey, the rise of Ansar Al-Sharia in Libya after the US and NATO knocked out Qaddafi. US opposition to governments that have tried to keep out Islamists, i,e, Egypt and Tunisia.

                                   I think the problem with many Americans of a conservative mindset is that they're still stuck in a Cold War mentality that believes that the CIA and US military intelligence are made up of super patriots who bleed red white and blue and would never be involved in anything so diabolical.


The US has very close ties to the government of Egypt.

Here is what the article says: “He was referring to the latest talk of the town: the United States is behind the creation of the Islamic State group (formerly known as Isis, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and Hillary Clinton admitted it in her book “Hard Choices”.”

As is pointed out in the article, that is a false hypothesis. Not only did Hillary Clinton not say such a thing, there is absolutely no evidence of such a thing. We have been fighting ISIS for years, back to the days that they called themselves Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Yes, there are elements in Saudi Arabia that have been funding ISIS, but they also were funding Al-Qaeda too.


I think the U.S. has always " shined the Saudi boots. " I doubt either the U.S. or the Saudi want an Isis state, that surely is not in the interests of the Saudi and would give a black eye to U.S. strategy in Iraq and Afganistan. I think what happened was due to a missguided U.S. strategy of " democracy building " in the Middle East, beginning with Egypt.

My advice to Lebanon, establish a working relationship with Russia, I doubt the U.S. can be counted on for real help until after the 2016 election. This administration doesn’t appear to have a clue about anything - it is being pulled a dozen ways by ideological liberals.



I particularly liked this part of the BBC article
" An important development that we have seen is the collaboration between the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah in their efforts to protect Lebanon from threats posed by the Syrian civil war spilling over into Lebanese territory," Octavius Pinkard says.

                                     That's the same Hezbollah who get's accused by some posters on CAF as being no different from ISIL, Al Qaeda etc, when in reality they work closely with some Christians in Lebanon.


Hezbollah are radical Shiites, they don’t want radical Sunnis taking over their ‘turf’.


They remain tolerant enough to work with Christians though, as in the political bloc March 8th Alliance, and there news site Al Manar has condemned attacks on Christians in Egypt, Syria, and Iraq, and of course they did bring out the largest organized welcome group for Pope Benedict when he visited Beirut. Being fanatically anti-Israel and anti-American doesn’t necessarily make one anti-Christian as well.


US also has close ties to Israel. American foreign aid to Israel runs about 3 billion dollars per year. At the same time Los Angeles cities can’t find enough money to repair their old water mains and as a result water has flooded certain areas due to old pipes bursting. The area is drought stricken and yet they cannot find the money to construct desalination plants, although Israel has done so. Why give all this money to Israel when the money is needed urgently in the USA? Parents cannot find enough money to send their children to college. If a family has five children, how are they going to afford to send their children to college with costs running more than $30 K per year?
Another problem is the amount of US weapons and machinery that is now in the hands of ISIS. Why should ISIS have all this US aid when that money could have been used to reduce the harm caused by the drought to California farmers? If the US were run by professionals and not by amateurs, it would have been foreseen that all this US taxpayer aid to the mideast would have fallen into the wrong hands, ISIS in this case.


This is nothing more than par for the course in that part of the world. Their disaster are always “somebody else’s fault.” Either it’s America or it’s Israel and before them it was the Brits. It’s never, say, Muhammed’s fault that he taught people to conquer territory, force people to convert/jizya/or die, and pass out the conquered women as sex slaves for his soldiers.

Nope, clearly it’s all America’s fault. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. It appears that it flows through the entire Middle East. The sooner that part of the world runs out of oil the better for us all.


But wasn’t the fall of Hussein in Iraq, and the mismanagement of Maliki (who was originally supported by the US) due to the intervention of the USA?


Of course! But don’t ascribe to devious conspiracy that which is completely plausible as the outcome of incompetence! Because if that is the case, this world is THICK with evil geniuses… :wink:


[Sarcasm]-[ON] OFF

What!!! That simply can’t be!

Why, everyone knows that if a people, or nation, or state, or organization are opposed to American imperialism and Israeli war crimes, then that organization must also be evil and hate Christians as well!!!


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