The US Wants Space Business to Stay Laissez-Faire


From Wired.


Note: Need 1.5 million dollars for two-way trip to moon.


Good luck! The ship would cost ten times that to build and would be a one-shot.

The older I get, the more I’m convinced that earthen bodies are valid only for Earth (unless you have the resources of a whole country for a very-brief exploration).



If it’s within commercial space travel’s means to do it, don’t see why government should be getting in the way of that as long as the companies aren’t abusing the latitude they’re being given. And frankly it’s allowed NASA to free up bandwidth for deep space missions and more focus on science which is a great trade off.


Going into space using ‘brute force’ methods, like burning solid fuels are outdated and not practical for commercial space ventures, really we need something like anti-gravity technology or something similar.

I know there is a company ‘American Anti-gravity’ that has been around for a LONG time, I just wonder how far they come, plus we have no idea what kind of technology is available in the deep black DAPRA projects, Its always said they are generally about 30 yrs ahead of what we see in everyday life, so…?

We are getting close to the days of space travel being commonplace, but not quite there yet. Id say within the next 50-100 yrs though, and once this next ‘tech leap forward’ happens, it will open up all kinds of new opportunities


AT THIS POINT in history, humanity is probably about halfway between the past moment when visiting the Moon became an achievable dream, and the future moment when that same trip will become a total hassle.

**(LOL)[sup]3[/sup]!!! **

Methinks they are too optimistic!!!

Methinks we will all be sleeping in Purgatory, and our children, GCs and GGCs, long before a flight-security protocol for space suits is drawn up.



I hope Jesus plans on coming back before then.


Outdated? According to who? How did we get to the moon in the first place?

Anyway, alternative flight technologies exist, but there’s only one - one - way to look at it. Money. Who makes the most money? Making a little money doesn’t matter. Making a lot of money matters because there’s no such as thing as having too much money.

The government/intelligence community know what’s possible because they have the technology. But releasing it into the wild would mean losing lots of money. Trillions and trillions. That’s all that matters.

Opportunities matter only for a very small percentage of the population. It’s still Medieval times folks. We’re still the peasants. Never forget that.



No doubt they consider us to be peasants, and it will only get worse if a certain small-handed male is elected to rule us this fall; but currently the USG **isn’t **making any money from spaceflight. It’s putzing it away to the Russians, who will be formally our enemies again in a generation (why is a mystery to me).

If we really had such wondrous technology, our flag would have flown on Mars before the 1900s ended.



Lots of people claim most of the ufo sightings are actually unknown experimental govt/ military aircraft, but if thats true, I wonder why they do not seem to be putting any of this new tech to work, or reinventing the US space program, as majority of these sightings involve craft that make no sound, and can do absolutely incredible maneuvers.

People have been seeing these same types of things for a very long time, so the experimental wing of the military should have all this cool new technology down to an artform by now, with all the test driving over the years!


I’ve studied the UFO issue for years. There are only two possible conclusions. (1) This is man-made technology. (2) The reason to keep it hidden is to avoid losing a great deal of money.

As far as certain unusual things like silent operation, there’s an explanation for that and it’s not top secret. As far as speed, inertia, G-forces, all have good explanations. Since these sorts of discussions usually go nowhere - buried under decades of wrong, illogical, false and other unreasonable explanations - I’ll just point out that patents exist showing how it can be done. But it’s a lot of very dry reading and requires understanding some technical terms, which, given the internet, aren’t that hard to do.

Private space launch vehicles will continue to grow in number, along with NASA projects, because that’s where the money is.



I agree. Manned space missions are useless and dangerous. Unless they find a way to get the minerals from the Moon to Earth, there’s no point going to the moon. Manned space missions are unnecessary since we are able to send robots that can do far more than a human can.

Unless there’s a habitable planet that we can get to in a reasonable amount of time sending people into space doesn’t make sense.


I don’t think they have found a habitable planet yet, even thousands of light years distant. There might be one somewhere, but if so, it’s a loooooooong way from here. (And, of course, it might already be inhabited by super-intelligent minotaurs ) :wink:


How so? We may be able to colonize Mars or one of Jupiter’s moons even within our own solar system. So even if we can’t ever get out of the solar system we’ve got plenty we can explore and colonize here with some effort. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile.


Right now the most used methods of controlling velocity in the vacuum of space are reactive; their workings generally fit Newton’s laws (the second of which, F=ma being most relevant). Whether it’s from accelerating charged particles such as in an ion drive or from mixing chemicals to expel mass under pressure we move things around by having them throw mass in one direction to push a craft in another. The use of solar sails could be used to accelerate a craft without consuming mass but such means of propulsion has low acceleration.

American Anti-gravity shows it was founded in 2002. Given the history of entities that have identified as doing work on anti-gravity and the extremely low rate of anything that resembles progress I would suggest waiting until evidence of progressed is shown before forming expectations that they will succeed.


Mining of Luna is unlikely ever to occur, because mining from the oceanic floors (along with intensive recycling of existing metal) is far more likely to make a profit, with less aggregate risk of human neck.

My wild guess is that the governments of the world no more want a large human presence in space than the FAA wants everybody driving skycars, and for the same reason: the risk to the greater good swamps the utility. Being up out of the gravity well makes severely frightening new war weapons all too possible.



You should look up FOBS or the Fractional Orbital Bombardment System. We already have the technology to pack multiple warheads into a single ICBM nose cone (MIRV), and laser weapons are coming online. But you’ll rarely hear anything like this from the mainstream media. I could make it scarier but I want everybody to sleep at night. Besides, except for laser weapons, all the other systems were deployed during the Cold War which is sort of over… maybe.



Since you have studied ufos indepth, like I have, you should know people have been seeing the same basic kinds of crafts/ strange lights for a very long time, some even going back to the 1700s, their descriptions are identical to most reports today, the main thing is silence, or slight humming/ static, ability to hover in place or move very slowly, then take off so fast it looks like they vanish, and finally shapes… globes/spheres, rectangles and triangles especially.

(personally, Ive always felt the common report of ‘triangles’, whether a formation or the shape of the craft is significant in some way, there are countless reports of lights forming a triangle and then vanishing??, I think this is related somehow to the trinity). but thats just a personal opinion, something Im watching.

Even going back relatively recent as the 1970s, people were seeing these same types of crafts and it appears to be pretty frequent, all over the country and world for that matter…

So, if these are man-made, they have had this tech for a very long time, why continue to just fly it around different areas?.. WHAT THE HECK ARE THESE PEOPLE DOING? The only thing that would make sense is they are wanting to see the public response to strange things in the sky over a very long period of time…but if is this is it…why, what purpose in doing that, what would the results effect or show them?

This could be very beneficial to NASA and other private space companies, like SpaceX.

I can understand why they would want to keep it secret, but cannot understand why they use them so often in so many different areas, I mean, surely it doesnt take this long to do studies and tests, The F35 proved that a plane can go from experimental to daily use fairly quickly, at least not decades or centuries! LOL


Pre-1940 reports can be dismissed easily. There is no reason to believe they happened, and if a few did, again, it was using technology that existed at the time. These are surveillance aircraft, primarily. Other aircraft were built but these were the “nonexistent” spies in the sky - UFOs. The F-35 proves nothing. The SR-71 was a far more sophisticated design with a top speed of Mach 3.2. In 1945, a Mach 10 wind tunnel was under construction.

What is NASA and everybody else doing? Just spending money on more and more expensive systems. The B-2 Bomber program was reportedly not completed. Of all the airframes built, only some were finished, with the rest put in storage.

More programs, more money spent. That’s the major driver. Keep those dollars moving from point A to point B.



Nuclear weapons are so 1900s. They are useless in a war of conquest because of radioactive contamination in the area to be conquered.

A large rock dropped from space would do equal or more damage, with no annoying fallout.



There are and/or may be extensive resources readily available in “outer space” that we have no idea of … at this point.

For example, only one resource that we know of and which is NOT available on the Planet Earth is helium-3.

Huge amounts are thought to be available for the picking … on the Moon.

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