The valley that hope forgot


God first

hi everybody

this farm land needs water

see Fox I can only you see others News Shows

but watch it judge for yourself




love Roy


You know that road paved with good intentions…the Endangered Species Act has created gods of fish and insects. We see this in Oregon too but not to the extent of the suffering of the farmers in the San Joaquin Valley. Why is there money for every hare brained project but a failure to allow farmers to work hard and earn a living honestly.

I first heard about this on Hugh Hewiit’s show. He is a lawyer as well as a radio host and specializes in Endangered Species cases. He knows how the fever swamp of the environmentalist movement has created a nightmare.

I hope and pray that reason prevails. The farmers are bringing a court case and the “Governator” is taking his plea to Washington.

Turn the water ON!
Lisa A


My prayers are with you.


God first

hi Lisa A and kimberly923200


love Roy


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