The Vatican, Charity and the Pope, help!


In a recent discussion with a Protestant friend he criticized all the pomp and splendor of the Pope’s recent visit and Mass in NYC. He said the Pope should be, at the very least, meeting with the common man and serving in the soup kitchen as well.

I said that the Body of Christ has many members and that, because of the Pope’s many duties, other people are doing these things on his behalf. I also said the Pope is meant to represent the visible unity of the Catholic Church, thus, we go to good and appropriate lengths to make him visible in our ceremonies. He said the Pope should be visibly helping people to encourage charity worldwide.

He also seemed to think Protestants contribute more to charities. I pointed out the most famous charitable woman is probably Mother Teresa, but I couldn’t think of any others.

Does anyone know how much the Vatican itself gives to charity? What is the proportion of charitable activities by Catholics, and if the Popes ever engage in charitable acts?



Actually everything they do is a chartiable act, they don’t get a salary, they give their lives to Christ to serve us all.
I remember reading one time about a house that is called “Gift of Mary” that is close to the Vatican, John Paul II use to go there often and now our present Pope, Benedict XVI, I recently read had this to say on a visit there in Jan. 2008:

…I therefore express my gratitude and encouragement to each and every one of you, for I know that all you do here for every brother and sister, you do for Christ himself.

House for the poor beside Peter.

The visit I wanted to make today comes in continuation with the numerous visits of my beloved Predecessor, the Servant of God John Paul II. He was very eager to have this house to welcome the poorest of the poor precisely here where the center of the Church is located, beside Peter who served, followed and loved the Lord Jesus".

There is a web site at where you can read many things the Pope does, daily. I think it’s both sad and ridiclous for anyone to criticize him when they have no idea what they are talking about. Why don’t they watch EWTN, the “World Over” and read web site’s like this one and the one to inform themselves instead of just making things up that aren’t true.

Tell them that they are bearing false witness.


I’ve also thought of two other things:
One is the Vatican Newspaper:

The other is that on EWTN, on their website there is a blog called Joan’s Rome, its on the bottom right side of their home page.

Plus on the EWTN television show, in addition to what I said earlier, they also have shows called Faith and Culture and one called Discovering the Vatican, both very informative about him and our Church.


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