The Vatican Makes a Statement About Notre Dame

God Bless Archbishop Burke! He has said that Obama speaking at Notre Dame is a scandal. I am now starting to believe that good will come from this evil.

I see that this has already been referenced in a prior post. Sorry for the duplicate, but it is truly good news among so much bad!

While I admire Archbishop (hopefully someday Cardinal) Burke deeply and wish we had more hierarchs like him, your title is misleading. The Vatican, ie, the Holy See, has NOT made a statement about Notre Dame. I hope they do, but they haven’t. Archbishop Burke is one person IN the Vatican.

You are right, of course, but we’re getting close, and that is a very good thing. I don’t think he could have made it without running it by Pope Benedict XVI first, but who knows. At least the leadership in the Church is speaking out.

Perhaps we should pray to the Lord to enlighten President Obama in seeing the crime procured abortion is, instead of being mad towards Notre Dame. I see the stay of President Obama at Notre Dame as an opportunity to connect with him and try to convince him of the terrible truth about abortion.

This is important in that Fr. Jenkins claimed that he consulted Canon lawyers on the applicability of the USCCB’s document on bestowing such honors and said that it did not apply in ND’s case.

And now here we have the highest authority on Canon Law in the Church, (absent the Pope Himself) weighing in.

That might be the case if it was a reasoned debate on the topic, but a commencement address is primarily a monologue.

In addition, ‘connecting’ does not involve bestowing honors upon them.

By your rationale, ND should be promoting dialogue on race relations by inviting David Duke to give the commencement address next year and giving him an Honorary Doctorate in Ethics.

Does that sound like a great way to convince Klansmen of the truth about racial equality?

1.There is no opportunity for this discussion. The President will be wisked in and wisked out for security purposes. There might be time for one meal with President Jenkins and few board members or faculty . That’s it.

2.The President of Notre Dame willfully left his Bishop out of the discussion of wether to invite President Obama into his Diocese.He did this because he know what the answer would be. This is very problematic.

Thanks be to God…someone with the courage to speak out


I caught the tail end of this on the news. I thought they reported that the White House had issued a follow up statement that “The President has been invited and is honored to speak. He does not intend to turn down the invitation.”

I also saw a poll taken that of American Catholics 57% approve of the President, and only 33% do not approve. Maybe it depends on how the question was worded as to the response it would receive, but it depressed me all over again.:bighanky:

To that I can only say: trust God, have faith and who knows a miracle might happen.

The catholics were probably thinking about the other things the president has done beside abortion. Saddly, other things are more important to some people than life. Though, I will never judge, everyone has their own set of problems.

OK, something was said. Now what’s going to be done? After all, gang… Faith without Works is dead.

Like WHAT??

Seriously, what specifically has he done that was impressive. I am not asking what he says, but what he has actually accomplished that would be worthy of being honored.

Excellent point, Ana!

Don’t get me wrong: I wish the Holy Father would come out on the balcony of St. Peter’s and say, “Notre Dame? Not Catholic!”

I couldn’t agree more.

Father Jenkins’ Bishop has said he has spoken to him but has been unable to change his mind. Fortunately, the Church does not publish gossip. Bishop D’Arcy will be joining others in appropriate protest. The Church has to mirror Christ’s love, not do it the world’s way. Father Corapi has already posted a video giving his views. The President will not score any points among Catholics by appearing at Notre Dame and getting some honor. This has been identified as a scandal – very clearly.

I pray that Catholics who are unaware that millions are dead from legal abortions will finally wake up and realize, millions of persons are dead. Everyone reading this began life as an embryo.


After seeing all of this going on with Notre Dame and other Catholic schools, I wondered how we got to this point. Sorry for the length but here are my thoughts:

We have had a problem brewing in our country for a long time in regard to Catholic teaching and beliefs and the problem we have seen with Notre Dame and other Catholic colleges is just one of many. This problem began when Notre Dame started the domino effect of relinquishing control of the university from Catholic control to secular control. Other Catholic colleges and universities followed suit and we are seeing the fruits of one fundamental problem with the process…the Church and their lawyers didn’t make sure there was a clause that gave the Church some means of having an override decision for anything at these facilities that went against the Churches teachings. Bishop D’Arcy’s unable to do anything, except, if he so wills, to remove Fr. Jenkin’s faculties. A lot of bishops have spoken out against what Notre Dame and other Catholic schools are doing. Yet there are some bishops not saying a word because, as one spokesperson said ‘it’s not the place for one bishop to speak about what should be done in another bishop’s diocese. It would be disrespectful to that bishop’. Really? What’s wrong with all the bishops speaking as one voice as one true Catholic Church. The damage has been done all across this country. What else might be to blame for this situation?

In Catholic High Schools and Universities, we have great priests teaching and they don’t sway from the Catholic teachings. They are the shining light of the Church. Also, there are other priests in these same facilities that have veered off course, slightly or severely, and have interpreted Catholic teaching the way they want to see it. My next statements are not to tear down priests and bishops because we have all know some very good, even holy and great priests and bishops. Why hasn’t the Church done something about the abhorrent teaching of the bad priests? We’ve all heard it from one person or another, from students and parents of students, on radio talk shows, about what is taught in some classes by some priests and they’re shocked at what is being said and that it’s coming from the lips of a priest. Have the students and parents actually confronted the schools about this or contacted the local bishop? Have the bishops not been in touch or aware of what these priests are doing? Bishops are very busy, but they should be aware of what is going on in their diocese, including the schools. I’m sure, in some of these situations, bishops have commented to these priests that they need to get back in line with the Church. However, if their still there, doing the same old teaching that does not conform to Catholicism, what are we to believe? Taking no action and crying wolf by just talking doesn’t solve the problem. Look at the non action to the politicians and journalists that are Catholic but continue to disobey and in many instances do things to harm and ridicule the Church. Maybe these priests in the schools that don’t teach the correct Catholic doctrine should be sent back to the seminary for a refresher course and relearn what they have evidently lost. If they don’t want to do that, they can be dismissed and have their faculties removed.

Why are the bishops permitting this to go on? Heaven help us. Again, this is not to rail against priests or bishops. We need to support our priests and bishops as best we can. However, we saw the damage when some bishops failed to take care of the problems of the pedophile priests. We learned these pedophile priests were shuffled from one parish to another, in some/many instances. It was only when it blew up in their faces, the bishops reacted. This was very damaging to the Church and, in the process of correcting the situation, some good priests and bishops were finger-pointed that should not have, as they were innocent, and their reputation marred for life. I brought this up mainly to ask, if something somewhat similar is happening with the bad priests in the schools? Look at what happened with some priests that came out of the seminaries during the 70’s and early 80’s and weren’t trained correctly. You’ve heard the stories of students that have gone to these universities that are faithful Catholics. A lot come out still faithful Catholics. Many others come out having fallen away from the Church or have gone off on a “New Age” direction because they were indoctrinated by the secular teaching and had completely lost their Catholic faith. Yes, many of the teachers are not priests, but these are supposed to be Catholic places of learning.


When is the last time you heard a homily at church where the priest preached about sin, purgatory, or hell or how lax many Catholics have become in their faith or moral values?
Perhaps they fear turning off many parishioners and worry that would affect the weekly contributions? Maybe, maybe not, but they would be preaching the truth. It might even bring people back that hear about it and need that kind of sermon to straighten out their lives. So many people have become so secularized that they don’t think many of the things they do are a sin. Oh, we hear about the readings for the day. There are homilies about Abortion and Contraception, although there are some priests who are afraid to preach too much about Abortion for they fear they may hurt a woman in the congregation that has had an abortion. I can’t remember the last time I ever heard a priest preach about “If you do this or are doing this, you are committing a sin or a mortal sin. The only place where I’ve heard priests go all the way and “tell it like it is” is on EWTN. This is not meant to be a plug for them, but they don’t hold back. Watch their daily Mass and listen to the sermons. We need to hear more of this in every Church.

Where has the laity been in all of this? Many are still faithful to the Catholic teachings but, as we have seen in recent year, many more are not. Those that are not have chosen to pick and choose from the 7 sacraments what they want to accept and replace what they didn’t take with their own, essentially creating their own modified religion and believe they are very good Catholics. Some of those people are led along due to their ignorance of what they are supporting. Some others are actively trying to harm the Church. Still others support people who are out to suppress the clergy from teaching Catholic doctrine that doesn’t conform to secular law or practices. They support many things against life and religious freedom. Soon, they may even help assist in the confiscation of Catholic hospitals through certain laws because those hospitals refuse to do abortions. Due to the assistance of these non-faithful Catholics, Catholic Churches could one day be closed down or confiscated through Eminent Domain because Catholic beliefs or teachings may be seen as “hate speech”.

There are many more things that could be pointed out as to why we are where we are.
The first question is Who’s responsible? We all are, from the top down, to allow some, if not all of this, to transpire.

The next question is How do we fix it and can it be fixed? Very good question. Yes.
How? Well, that’s the $1,000,000 question that I don’t think many of us can answer.

Well, some will say pray and prayer is a great thing. I do it everyday. Maybe there’s also been enough empty talk and it’s time require absolute obedience. Waiting until the person has taken the bulldozer to the building and reduced it to rubble is not the time to act.

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