The Vatican's Holocaust


I’ve just had a quick look through this, The Vatican’s Holocaust, and was absolutely horrified by it.

There are certain members of this forum that are quick to point out how genocidal and immoral some atheists have been in the past. This certainly puts the boot on the other foot.

A brief search has not produced anything to refute it, I’ll be looking a lot deeper.


Mr. Avro Manhattan does not have any real credentials, although his service in Italy during WWII was indeed admirable.

The fact of the matter is that we see this anti-Catholic rhetoric everywhere, and it stems from the instigation of the Devil.

Keep these verses deep in your heart:

Matthew 16:18-19-----------And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, **and the powers of hell shall not prevail against it. **
I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.


You should “look a lot deeper” than a protestant hate site.
The titles of some of those articles are just laughable.
No reasoning person would take that stuff seriously.


Usual anti-cayholic misnifomation about the Inquistion and the crusades. Exagerated death counts, references to coubncils and papal bulls that never existed, in short, nonsense.


The massacres in Croatia did take place. The Croats had sided with the Germans, and Catholicism was part of their national identity. In most wars, and in the Second World War particularly, you get atrocities on both sides.

The book doesn’t seem to be making any attempt at balance. The Vatican does not and did not control every Catholic political leader, and then the situation might be more complex than suggested - the enemies of the Nazis were Communists, after all.


Besides the objective look at the Catholic Holocaust, I also enjoyed the informative articles on the stationary earth and the United States of Cabotia found on this site.


Here’s some more enlightening articles from this site. I’d like to see you Catholics defend your church now inlight of these articles. Gotta love the brain power behind the reformation :thumbsup:


that is the funniest website I have ever seen…
thank you for the laughs :slight_smile:




Important to remember is that in order to become a member of the SS, one had to renounce their Catholic faith. The Nazis were not Christians or Catholics. They might have been EX-Catholics/ Apostate Christians, however National Socialism was in large part driven by the occult. It doesn’t take much research to see this.


Hey, Jack Chick should start using this site, since Alberto Rivera went to his, ahem, reward… (Honestlyu, I don’t know, let alone judge AR’s fate–but I do pray for him and all he deceived)


The problem is that ‘the boot’ already traveled from foot to foot. Pointing out the deaths and terror at the hands of not just atheists but institutionalized atheism has been a response to atheist claims that religion drives men to irrational acts like murder and genocide. Few on this forum - I’d guess nearly no one, in fact - deny that terrible things have been done by people who call themselves religious. It’s old, sad news. What’s less spoken about - what is, in fact, ignored or weakly denied by many atheists (Including prominent ones like Dawkins) - is that it’s been demonstrated that atheism is entirely capable of producing terrors equal to, or far greater than, just about any Catholicism has been accused of being involved with.

Summed up shorter: No one is saying crimes haven’t been done in the name of religion. They’re saying that if you remove religion, you get the same crimes - possibly far worse ones, in fact - because the claim that atheism has a monopoly on reason and rationality is nonsense. And frankly, they’re right.


Well this site is definitely using Jack chick. Scroll down on this page to see the illustrations from chick tracts.

When I first read this site about was a parody site like the Onion or Scrapple face


Here’s some more enlightening articles from this site. I’d like to see you Catholics defend your church now inlight of these articles. Gotta love the brain power behind the reformation

LOLOLOLOLOLOL that is the funniest site I’ve ever seen. I love how almost nothing there has anything to do with reformation. It’s just random stories that have sudden and inexplicable anti-catholic statements.

I read the Tesla which was pretty much a short essay on the inventor with the added statement of:

After Sept., 20, 1870, millions of Roman Catholic immigrants from Europe were pouring into this country and their only interest in the United States was its vast economic and military potential to restore the lost Papal States to their master in Rome.

Which had nothing to do with anything and then it was back to the essay as if nothing was amiss. Is this a lame attempt at the old SNL guy “Mr. Subliminal”?


Are you serious? This is one of the most hilarious reads I’ve had in a while. Thanks. :thumbsup:

For a get-rich-quick scheme, sure. Bravo!:rotfl:


Of course I’m not serious…this is just a typical, but sad example of the stuff I ran into when I was testing my faith in the Catholic Church and was exploring other areas of Christianity. It was silliness such as this that brought me back. I may get frustrated with our Church at times, but where else would I go? Although honestly, I can’t say that I’ve been able to discount Orthodoxy or any of other ancient apostolic churches. Anyway, that’s another thread.

As for this thread, I have to believe the OP somehow overlooked the rest of that site before making his or her assertions.


Darn it,
At least they are not aware all us Catholic’s have super duper papist decoder rings. Just waiting on…oops… :o


Ah yes, the Reformation. A time of faulty theology and Biblical exegesis. :rolleyes:

The fact of the matter is that the was no brain-power behind the Reformation. Save, misguided and solaic dichotomy! :rolleyes:


One has to admit that the Catholic faith inspires tremendous imagination in both directions.


Why refute it? Why not just read more :rolleyes:

I jest…

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