The Vedas predicts Islam?

I was recently talking to an Islamic fellow, nice chap. He was talking about how the Vedas, the ancient Hindi scripts predicts Islam’s forthcoming. Are their any disputes or bad reputation on these.

Thank you.

while I do not know the validity of this. I did a simple google search and came up with a couple of links. One is from a islamic sight the other is from answereing islam. take it for what is worth I guess.

I don’t know, but I find it odd he needs to find validation for his faith outside of the Abrahamic faiths [especially in a faith that is polythestic].

I personally doubt it: I mean, the Vedas, like the Bible, are being used to prove anything these days. :shrug:

The only websites on the internet that even reference that book all seem to be Muslim sites, so it is highly questionable.

Then again, why would they want validation from a religion they claimed was completely wrong?

As well, why do they view Jesus as a prophet when he tells the world that He is the Alpha and the Omega? Either Jesus or Muhammad was not telling the truth, yet they cling to both.

To show that they are right: I mean, if the set of ancient texts which are held by Hindus to be śruti (a sort of divine revelation which the ancient sages heard and put into writing) predicts Islam, it must be significant in some way. To be honest, it’s kind of similar to trying to find echoes of Christianity in Greco-Roman philosophy and folklore. :shrug:

Not really. We don’t use “echoes of Christianity” in pagan faiths and philosophies to validate our faith. The Church didn’t point to Zoroastrianism and say “see its teachings and stories predict Christ so Christianity must be valid.” Christianity is validated within itself [itself here includes its Jewish origins].

I didn’t say that we do, only that such a practice would be quite the same as what’s going on here.

I apologize for misunderstanding your post.

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