The "Very Stable Genius" strikes again

Now even the Supreme Court is not respected any more. Can declaring “martial law” be far behind?

Many people do not respect the Supreme Court to begin with. Taking prayer out of school 6 decades ago and numerous other decisions. Legislating from the bench. I respect the process, we have a right to be critical.

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Yup. Why do you think Trump is amassing all that military power today?

Happy Fourth!!


Prayer is in school, it’s simply been privatized. A republican favorite word, “privatized”…Would you tolerate your children being taught Islamic prayer in school? Unless it’s a Comparative Religions class discussion, neither would I

We were not created to worship powers and principalities like we see today being held up as if they were Gods.

The focus of our gaze is to look beyond administrations, courts, bankers and politicians for our answers, and we’re falling short. Rarely do I see the mention of God in any discussions of current events as to HIs words on the subject which are relevant to this day.

WWJD should be placed before every question in our lives, not what is the Trump administration doing…and take it from there.

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As a private citizen you have every right not to “respect” the SC. As a president, who took the oath to uphold the law, you do not have that option. And even if you do not “respect” the ruling, you are legally bound to follow it.

Of course, even the VSG (very stable genius) is probably aware that the ruling of the SC stands, it is quite possible that he only panders to his followers by displaying that he is willing to put up a good fight for a lost cause. However, he might just issue an executive order … who knows? We can keep on arguing that no one is above the law, but so far the VSG was successful to thumb his nose to the courts.

If you wish to argue, you should be aware of your own arguments. The prayer was NOT taken out of schools, only the government mandated prayers were declared unconstitutional - since they violated the Establishment Clause. As teacher or a student you are allowed to pray to your heart’s content.


^^^^Truly much more eloquent than I. :wink:

Students can still pray in school. There has never been a law preventing them from doing so. Faculty or any other member of the government cannot compel someone to pray. The First Amendment protects from that.


Actually, the oath of office is to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution”, not swear fealty to the Supreme Court, which is not a legislative body in the first place.

The court system guided by the Supreme Court is the arbiter of the legal system. If they declare a law or an executive order unconstitutional, then that law or executive order is null and void. And this gets under the skin of the VSG, who would like to circumvent the law and the Constitution, and rule by executive fiat. He is envious of the autocrats and his tweets and actions demonstrate this.

This reminds me of the word “outlaw”. Its meaning was that a person, who was declared and outlaw, did not enjoy the protection of the law, anyone could have killed (or executed) him with impunity. Interesting concept… :wink:

this is no way to run a country:

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Happy Independence Day! God Bless America,:us:


The Constitution never gives the Supreme Court this power. It’s a power they claimed for themselves in Marbury v Madison.


At my son’s public school graduation at least two speakers told the students “may God bless you.”

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I’m retired, but chose to go back to work part time with ESE (aka “special ed”) kids in our local school district.

Several teachers including the guidance office have religious messages on the doors of their classroom. Usually something general like “God bless you” or “This is the day the Lord has made” or something like that.

At the bottom of each one is a note that says, “This message is permitted under Florida Statute _______”. So, even though their freedom of speech is protected under the Constitution, we have a statute here in Florida that upholds their rights.

I’m not overly familiar with the US Supreme Court but I imagine that its legitimacy is ‘ordained’ by the good of the Constitution. The Constitution would be meaningless were it open to everyones own interpretation.

Feel free to show us where in the Constitution it says SCOTUS has legislative powers.


Just throwing an idea out here. How about for the rest of today, no matter where we stand on our president, let’s put all that aside and just celebrate our country. Full stop. Watch his celebration thing, or don’t. Have your own. Go to the local festivities wherever you are. There will still be plenty of time later for us all to be snarky and condescending to each other, but for the rest of the day could we put that all aside?


Well, no one speaks of the “Yankee Doodle Babies”… you know the ones who were born on this day. :grinning:

For a law to have any meaning and practical value, a supreme adjudicator is assumed. It doesn’t have to be written into document. It lives as part of the spirit of the document and is authoritative to that end. To take away that authority to interpret the constitution and leave interpretation to the reader, is to destroy the the worth of the document.

So, you think we should toss out the Constitution in favor of politically appointed judges?

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