The Vespers

This evening the Church is holding Vespers…followed by Benediction. Having never been to the Vespers could someone tell me just what happens?

Appreciative…as always…:slight_smile:


Vespers is the evening prayer of the Church. It is one of the “hours” of prayer that were said in monasteries and in Churches (the others being spread out through the day) and comes from the latin meaning evening.

If your Church is ‘novus ordo’ (i.e. Mass is according to the 1970 Missal), then it will be something like this.

Hope this helps, :thumbsup:

Great!! Thanks for the hlep. My church is TLM…but I now have an idea about what will be going on.

I appreciate your posting…:thumbsup:

God Bless…


Then it will look more like this.


Thanks, James. You saved my bacon! :o

When praying the psalms, sides will alternate with each verse.
The presider will designate one side as side1 and the other as side 2.
If it is already predetermined, you will quickly learn which is side 1 and which is side 2.
At the end of each psalm, the Glory Be is recited.

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