The Vicar of Christ

Why do some Protestants believe that the Latin word Vicar means “to be against” or “instead of”? They make it seem like the Pope is against Christ or its the Pope instead of Christ.

Protestants interpret the word to mean that the Pope displaces Christ - that he replaces Jesus’ will with his will, Jesus’ person with his own person. They look on him as a usurper who only gets away with it until Jesus comes again.

Oh ok, I kinda figure it would be something like that. The they would misinterpret the meaning of Vicar. If you look at the Latin Dictionary, it would have different meanings, but the noun is deputy, acting for another, and sheriff. They use the adjective which means to substitute or in place of someone. They are really picky as to use the adjective to make it seem like the Popes are usurpers.

As in ‘vicarious’ I don’t think Protestants in the UK understand it as C of E ministers are called Vicars

I remember picking up a Protestant Bible and at the beginning was a whole piece about the Pope being the antichrist, very Christian indeed.

None of the Protestants I know appear to believe it though.

Maybe they don’t know how to use a dictionary. Remember that most Protestant churches in the US are less than 100 years old so they don’t really comprehend the roots of the language.

For example:

Vicar - Etymology
From Anglo-Norman vicare, from Old French vicaire (“deputy, second in command”)

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