"The View" Rips Catholicism - Again


"The View" Rips Catholicism - Again

February 18, 2009

A news story in today’s New York Post claims there is “a new study approved by the Vatican” on sin that concludes that “Men and women sin in different ways.” Men are more given to lust; women to pride. This story was the subject of an exchange today on the ABC-TV show, “The View.” Here is an excerpt:

Whoopi Goldberg: Realize the Vatican is the last word in all things that are god. For some folks. But explain how you suddenly can write new sins. You can’t do that.

Joy Behar: The pope is supposed to be infallible. He can say whatever he wants and people believe it. That’s how it goes.

Goldberg: But that doesn’t make any sense.

Barbara Walters: What do you think is the biggest sin?

Behar: Lust amongst priests.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck: Pedophilia. They put that in the year after.

Goldberg: The biggest sin?…Intolerance.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

“After we blasted Barbara Walters in an op-ed page ad in the New York Times in June 2007 for sanctioning anti-Catholic bigotry on 15 occasions over the previous year, she got the message and quieted her panelists. But now they’re back, expressing their ignorance as well as their hostility.

“Goldberg is wrong to say that the Vatican is writing new sins: The report quotes one monsignor about a study whose author remains curiously undisclosed. Behar, another ex-Catholic, is wrong to speak so sweepingly about the pope’s infallibility: almost everything he says is of a fallible nature, and he has said absolutely nothing about this issue. And Hasselbeck, yet another ex-Catholic, was anxious to show that she also hates Catholics (she succeeded), paints priests as child molesters. How ironic it is to hear them say it is the Church that is intolerant. If only they could hear themselves speak.”

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When you consider the source of these inane comments, I suppose they could be taken as compliments, considering the source.

Not a lot different that Satan himself expressing his opinion on Christ and the Body of Christ.


The ignorance of these women is astounding; I’m actually surprised that in 2009 people of influence attempt to depict Catholics as followers of a infallible god-king Pope. Then the fact that they then went for a cheap shot at the Priest scandal.

Oh and the irony of Goldberg’s last line was just golden…

Well, you know she attended parochial school.

Goldberg: “The biggest sin?…Intolerance.”

Unless of course the intolerance is directed against Catholicism.

Who cares that the people say on the view? Look how they treated McCain and his wife compared to how they treated Obamas wife.

As long as millions will be watching it, getting bogus impressions of our faith, there’s a reason to care.

Every single line they said was just…so uninformed and careless. :shrug:

They mock Christ, they will mock His Church. We must follow Him to Calvary and ask God to forgive our enemies.

There two programs on tv that I would not watch under any circumstances. The View and Ellen. I get so tired of everybody using our Church as a punching bag. It’s partially our own fault, but it wouldn’t make any difference to them. They would come after us anyway.

I plan to send Hasselbeck and possibly Behar a book on the Faith and apologetics. Maybe just maybe they will actually read it.
From what I can tell Hasselbeck is now your garden variety fallen-away Catholic, non-denominational Christian. She is at least somewhat conservative.
Behar is more of the old school liberal from the 60s-70s era who probably has more issues with women not being allowed to be priests, etc.
I will select the books accordingly as they are coming from different worldviews and have uniquely different issues with the Church.
Let us pray for their reversions.
Let us pray for Ms. Goldberg.
And let us pray for the renewal of the Church so that another generation of souls will not be lost to relativism and modernism as has been taking place for the past 40 years.

Hmm…seems to me their ignorant, prideful comments just give more credence to the study in question. :stuck_out_tongue:


VIZZINI: “Let me put it to you this way: ever hear of Goldberg? Hasselbeck? Walters? Behar?”




VIZZINI: “Morons.”


ROFLOL! :thumbsup:

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

I love that movie and we have a friend that looks just like Vizzini!

Yeah, it’s a great movie. I’ve watched it so many times I can practically quote the whole dialogue. Even my seven-year-old son loves that movie.

The study is real


I don’t know about the other women, but Hasselback is has Catholic friends. Hasselback seems to be thinking of a list of new seven deadly sins and was thinking that pedophilia was added to that new list “the year after” the new list was created. You really can’t tell from a transcript if Hasselback was knocking Catholics. Things like intonation, facial expression, don’t come across. They even mentioned that this kind of thing on Fox News, saying that some forms of humor don’t come across well in a transcript compared to on television – Bill Kristol said it and the other panelists expressed agreement.

Hasselback and Hannity seemed friendly with each other and Hannity is a Catholic, ex-seminarian. Ditto for Hasselback and O’Reilly who is also a Catholic.

I’ve never heard of Hasselback knocking the pope and if she were anti-Catholic, she’d have done that.

I think when Catholics leave, that Catholics should love them and treat them just as well before they left. That’s how all religions should work.

Goldberg is part-Irish so I doubt she’d be anti-Catholic.

I don’t know the other woman or Walters very well.

We could use some intonation and facial expression here. :smiley:

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