“the View’s” Catholic Obsession Continues

The View never learns do they?


:eek: I think your’e right.

My guess is these women aren’t too religious themselves and strike out to those who are…its something they don’t understand , I guess…

We can start the burning trails now. :smiley:

Remember: **Campaign Against Barbara Walters Begins **in June. I say we begin early. Time to get militant

I just think that it is funny how they continue to show their arrogance or should I say ignorance of Catholicism.

During the discussion, Behar said, “She is selling [the sex toys] to married couples, which the Catholic Church wants you to procreate. How do they think we have been doing it all these years? With sex toys, that’s how.”

Maybe I was sleeping during sex class or did I miss this :confused:

In conclusion I would have to say…WHAT!!!

I think they have lots of their own internal problems…

Why oh why does it have to be on Australian television??? It is all about American politics and stuff that happens in the US, but we have to have it down here…

I am from Australia, and have* never *liked Barbara Walters. I find her totally ‘up herself’ as we say in Australia. Fake and insulting, and a show-off. A bit like the rest of the view…and all their panelists. They have no respect for eachother let alone such an Authority as the Catholic Church. That’s ok. let them have their digs at us… **We stay together. **They have been on air for 10 yrs i think, and i would like to know how many different co-hosts they have *had *to have. Now Whoopi joins one day a week… ooh! I must remember to watch those ones…:smiley:

We have an awesome, very** forward** Aussie Catholic Priest called Fr Bob Maguire - he writes in newpapers, is interviewed very often for radio, newepapers, tv etc… If they would only let him or another priest who would defend the Church on the View… he would put them all in their places! He is very, very forward and not too scared to say what is on his mind… God bless him!

During the discussion, Behar said, “She is selling [the sex toys] to married couples, which the Catholic Church wants you to procreate. How do they think we have been doing it all these years? With sex toys, that’s how.


Like I say, some of these clowns on the View need to take a hint. We don’t need their worthless comments! They’ve perverted our faith long enough. I say it’s time we start a spiritual inquisition.

But hey what do I know. :shrug:

My sentiments exactly!! You summed it up very well :thumbsup:

And I thought just Rosie was an anti-christian crazy - I guess the whole bunch of them are…but isn’t Hasselbeck religious? I guess anti-Catholicism is the last great prejudice. I hope Bill Donahue and the Catholic League take down the The View.

You know, if any other religious was being bashed on the View, folks would be up in arms. The ACLU and every left-wing nut would be all over this. But it’s perfectly acceptable to bash the Catholic Church.:mad:

They must not stop there. ABC and the rest of the Culture of Perversion must be eliminated.:mad: :mad: :mad:

I hope the campaign directs its comments to the companies that advertise on the show. I know I boycotted the show the minute that Joy Behar opened her mouth about the church about 4 years ago.

You mean perfectly tolerated.

I am just wondering if the reason for this is that people have the notion that Catholics are always silent when it comes to the Catholic Church being bashed. A “turn the other cheek” mindset. But…with the same token, I am wondering if Our Lord doesn’t expect us to “defend” the faith. Yes, it can be done in a christian way, but it needs to be done. Just my :twocents:

You’re right, it does need defending. I’m just not sure how to do it. They have camera’s in front of them for 30 min a day, we don’t They are protected under “freedom of speech.” We’d probably be bashed as “fanatics.”

I’m not sure how to do it either:confused: But yes, we would probably be labeled as fanatics if we aren’t already. Guess this is part of the persecution Our Lord talked about for His name’s sake. A sobering thought is that it is sure to get a whole lot worse as time goes on.:signofcross:

It’s too bad that Gilda Radner is no longer with us. The best thing about Barbara Walters is that she gave Gilda Radner great comedy material. I can imagine Gilda Radner doing her Bawbwa WaWa skit in heaven now!

Like John says.

John 15:19 If you had been of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

Interesting, considering Wikipedia says that Hasselbeck is Catholic. :confused:

But, do people actually enjoy this show?

As a 19 year old male, it escapes me to see how people can enjoy sitting, and watching 3 post-middle-age women talk. I mean, I can see the attraction of Mrs. Hasselbeck (haha:P), but the others? The TV is much more productive on MUTE with them on!

Some of us middle aged women are sensible, but we’re not on the show;)

It seems as though everywhere I go, this show is on - doctor’s office, waiting for my car to be serviced, ect. I loathe it with a pure and white hot loathing.

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