The Vimpa

A quick reference question: is there a specific reference in the modern * liturgical books for a server assisting with the mitre and the crosier to use a vimpa/veil? I’ve looked through the Ceremonial of Bishops and I can’t see it anywhere.*

Completely off topic, but…

Where did you get the Ceremonial of Bishops? Is it online/digital, or hard copy?

Hard copy. Now if there was an online copy that would be splendid. I could run searches - the hard copy does not have an index of any kind and trying to find things is a headache unless one has an idea where it is.

Darn. I was hoping I could read it without buying it.

Peter Elliott’s Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite mentions same in in notes 170, 813 and in appendix II, diagram 5.

But, unlike his usually thorough style, no source. :shrug:

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