The Virgin Birth and Christ's DNA

I found the following in an article from The Seattle Times entitled, “What would Jesus’ DNA do?”:

"Georgetown University professor of theology John Haught [wrote], ‘To imply that Jesus is somehow exempt from ordinary natural laws and biological patterns [including having DNA and male chromosomes] would, in my view, be a failure to take the incarnation seriously.’

This is hard to square with the virgin birth in light of modern biology. It’s true that asexual reproduction, called parthenogenesis, happens in some fish, insects, and even a lizard species, and artificially in a few mammals, through cloning.

But if cloning or parthenogenesis were involved, Jesus would look a lot more like Mary. He’d be a woman, for one thing, since females always beget females.

In humans, females package some of their DNA in two matched X chromosomes, males in a single X and Y. So if you’re a male, there’s only one way you could have gotten your Y chromosome, and that’s from your biological father.

Where would Jesus have gotten his Y?"


If Jesus’ DNA could be analyzed today, what do you think it would show?

Jesus, being fully man in addition to being fully God, would have had a full set of human genes. Every normal set of human genes has paired alleles from the father and the mother, except in the Y chromosome. Where did Jesus get his “father” alleles? If God created a sperm cell with a Y chromosome and alleles untainted with Adamic behavioral traits or original sin wouldn’t that mean Jesus wasn’t a descendant of Adam but, only of Eve considering he would only be inheriting Mary’s mitochondrial DNA and the non-Adamic Y chromosome created in that instance? How would this relate with that in Biblical times descent was usually only traced paternally through the father?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Forming a Y chromosome is no more of a problem for God than Mary being a virgin before, during, and after the birth of Jesus.

I concur here.

Another important point. This is *God *that we’re talking about here. He invented inventing. He created nothing from nothingness.

And He invented the very biological rules that this scientist claims that God doesn’t adhere to. The Rulemaker can break the rules if He desires. Neener-neener. :slight_smile:

The article is incorrect because of a poor understanding of biology. The Y chromosome is not an independent chromosome, but rather a sort of non-activated version of the “female” x-chromosome. A parthenogenized offspring can have genetic variation from it’s parents by natural variation and by mutation. It’s entirely possible that one of the X chromosomes would have mutated to a defective version, or to an unexpressed version, thus rendering it an XY combination and making the offspring male. While such an occurance would be exceptionally rare (given that parthenogenesis is itself exceedingly rare in high order mamals), it would be far from impossible.

How about artificial insemination? Think about it, if human could actually insert life without actually require sexual intercourse, who is God that we say He can’t?(Not that I’m not suggesting hat God performed an artificial insemination on Mary, just stating the fact that something human could do, why can’t God?"

It’s pretty complicated. I have spent the past 13 years researching this issue and have just written a book that scientifically explains the virgin birth of Christ. Until recently, we could not imagine or explain this phenomenon, but the mystery is finally resolving. If interested, see:

Dr. Cumella

But there was this Italian miracle, where the Eucharistic actually turned into flesh and blood.
(It’s a common Catholic schoolboy religion feedstock…
Probably most of you know about that miracle yourselves.)
I remember they said even NASA got the blood type.
But have they now analyzed for DNA???

This is something I have wondered about also. I will put your site/book on my reading list Dr Cumella, I am interested to see what you have come up with.

Those socalled miracles, do not have the same DNA, and often not even a blood type that Jesus could have had back then – and often the blood types do not match. I think each of them are simply slide of hand, using the person’s own blood.

NASA does not even do blood type research of earthly beings. lol

I have been studying Eucharistic miracles for quite some time now, and you have a few facts wrong. You are right about NASA - I have no idea where dinzzi2 got that information, but that is false. However, the blood type from all of the Eucharistic miracles that I have examined are of type AB, which is a Semitic blood type. Interestingly, the scientists that have examined the blood have remarked that there were only able to get a partial mapping of the DNA, which is most unusual. Again, this is a phenomenon that is repeated in all of the miracles. I started a thread recently about this recently, and it is interesting that this thread is so similar. In my opinion, based on all of the best information, these cases are definitely authentic.

Boy that was quick.

I usually treat this forums as no more than Fire and Forget.
Had it not been for an email alert.
I didn’t know, I also signed up for that…!!!

Sorry about the wrong info

Must have been just an over eager Religion teacher…
Or the inaccuracies of childhood memories.

(But I do recall they said the same thing about them analyzing the Shroud of Turin,
and that mantle from Quadalupe…
What’s with them having to tell “JPL/NASA” did the studies… ???
Some mark of empirical/rationalistic approval I guess.)

But I guess I am a lot older now and should hav verified
Said papers should be easily obtainable from the public domain i.e. Google
If ever there really was one.

Yeah, I also remember about that AB type.
They said it was rare.
But they didn’t say anything about that Semitic line.
First time I heard that fact…
(Of course I know he is ‘Semitic’,
I just didn’t know most of them had that type.)

But what does “PARTIAL-MAPPING of the DNA mean” ??
I mean non-technically.
They didn’t get the whole ACGT … string. Right ???

(It’s not like they got the whole DNA of a T-rex from
the small quantity that an ancient mosquito sucks…
So they spliced some from modern lizards right ???
–Though it would be birds now had they made the film today.:wink:

But I guess am too much of lay person about this.
I don’t really expect them to get the whole DNA from the Piece of a Human Heart.
Seeking the whole strand may just be another endless Grail Quest.
Just as seeking the spiritual, empirically, always falls flat.

Or probably some “Divine-Censorship” at play.
I mean what would modern humans do about it… Today

(For one, it would probably be a very good divinely perfect template
of at least a human heart.
Solving heart disease shouldn’t be such a long shot. ???:wink:

But there ar real dangers of
again falling into another temptation of EVE.
“…You will be like God…” type of psychosis again.

He’s saved us once and Forever !!!

No more Forbidden Fruits for you buddy :wink:

But again, they got hold of the blood-type.
And nothing divinely-spectacular about that.
If ever they get hold of the WHOLE MAP,
It will just be that.
Human, mundane, Semitic…

And 99.99% no different from everyone else.

(Or did I just break the Hypostatic-Union somewhere ???)

To all you seekers of the “Grail”.
Good Luck.
Live the Gospel
And Hope to see you all in Eternal Life…

God Bless.

Except that then Jesus isn’t fully from Mary’s DNA

If Jesus had only Mary’s DNA, He would be her clone. So he likely received his DNA from another source, God. See for details. Dr. Cumella

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