The Virgin Diaries

I don’t know if there has been a thread on this previously, ( i did a search and couldn’t find anything). I’m talking about a show on MTV which centers itself around a group teenagers aged around 16 and 18, following them around for about three months as they contemplate about losing their virginity and their sexual preferences. Personally, i think this is a prime example of television pushing boundries that shouldn’t be crossed. As if peer pressure, magazines and musical influences werent enough for the younger generation. A reality tv show with this subject matter is a clear sign of moral bankruptcy. It’s pretty clear that MTV is capitalising on teenage curiosity for ratings.

If I watched MTV, I would be rendered speechless. But I don’t.

I call it pandering. Do parents allow panderers in their house?

MTV should have stuck to playing actual MUSIC VIDEOS. The shows they make are completely vapid, not to mention almost always immoral.

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