The Virgin Mary for non-believers

There are people who were not so lucky as to be born in a Christian family with moral values and all. Some of us were born and grew up away from the love of God. Sadness, loneliness, and abandonment were all we knew as children and developed a taste for hate, for hate is all we knew and experienced.

For all of those who grew away from the love of God, love is an unknown feeling. It is very hard to relate to the compassion and grace of love when the upbringing was Christian in name, but hateful in practice. How can anyone relate to the compassion of Christ, when all we knew was the opposite?
Perhaps, Dhammapada teachings echo when one reads in the Bible how God-love will defeat Evil-hate and deliver us from this suffering. Mean while, it is only fair for us to know that the compassion of the Virgin Mary is the key to enter and taste the love of God.

I believe the example set by the Blessed Virgin Mary - of love, faithfulness and obedience -is perhaps the best in all of history. To that extent, though you may think it limited, I agree.


I believe that Mary is an example for all of us and that we can live according to that every day.
Just like she obeyed God, we can obey God, be it in the small or in the big things we are having to do in our lives.
In the end we are all trying to be more like Jesus Christ who lived His human life in accordance with God’s will…
Mary was blessed among women and God chose her to be the vessel for His Son.
I disagree however with the various titles that are given to her.
If we have anybody who is compassionate and showing us the love of God, it is Jesus Christ Himself and nobody else.

Oh, but Mary is the gate of Heaven!
She is the way to Her Son!

:heart: Bless you.

Mary is the Gate to Heaven?

You bet she is. Through her, we are granted favors from God.

I’m grateful to Mother Mary for all the help she has given me. I believe that she leads people to her Son and if we find Mary, we will always find Jesus there with her. There is no competition between them. She is the gate of Heaven because she leads us to Jesus. And Jesus in turn leads us to the Father :slight_smile: God bless.

im not into poytheism and paganism,i only seek help from GOD

That’s great! I’m not into polytheism or paganism either! Join the club!

Oh, and while you’re at it, read up on what Catholic Doctrine has to say about Mary…you may be enlightened!

God Bless.

how will that help? you seek help from her,pray to her…where is the difference between that,and a person who prays to his stone god,and his sun godess?

we only believe in God,and only pray to him,and thats the main difference between us and catholicism

Well, the difference may be the fact that we don’t raise her to the position of a goddess? :shrug:
See the problem is: you have been conditioned to think that we worship Mary…or bow down to her as an equal to God. If you could simply brush away those lies and start over, you may be quite surprised. Mary stands at a very important position in the Church. God gave her to us to call her Mother…and she calls us her children (whether we accept it or not).

The difference is that Saint Mary appears after death:

While Muhamad doesn’t.

satans work

ps:there are thousands of muslims who claim to have seen Muhammed or Fatima(Muhammeds daughter)…but we dont support that,islam is strict on that,there are hadiths who describe how the prophet looked like,and if you see him like that in a dream then only you can say you dreamed about the prophet and not some demon who tried to pretend to be something else

so even if there are people who see them it doesnt mean anything to us… its called to be a monotheist:D

no, we know you dont see them as gods but we also see your actions,and the actions prove that even though you cant see it yourself,you still raised her,and the others,to the god position

I am absolutely fascinated… I mean literally…

  1. I see Mary as a good example in how to serve God.
  2. I was born and raised in Europe (Germany that is)
  3. And I do like the comments of our Muslim sister…

Of course no one sees Muhammed. The damned generally don’t make appearances from hell. :shrug: Worshiping one demon does not a monotheist make. At best Islam is a made-up faith concocted by an arab trader to unite the many tribes under one ancient pagan arab moon deity. At worst it is demonic delusion.

While we’re on the subject of idolatry, ever circled and kissed that black moon rock?

Yep, so true. :rolleyes:
I’m talking to a brick wall unless you try to become enlightened on this subject!

Well it does seem kind of strange…
I would not claim that you make her a goddess either, but the way she is being treated has to seem strange and bewildering to a Muslim (especially if it does so to a fellow Christian).

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