The Visibility and Invisibility of the Church

The Church is both Visible and Invisible, Human and Divine, because it and Jesus Christ are One, which is why the Church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic: These four marks are the marks of Christ. If the Church is both Human and Divine, and being a Divine Institution just as Jesus is a Divine Person, than it needs a Divine Head. This it has in Christ, who founded the Church on Peter. But it is also human, just as Jesus is human, so it needs a human head. But Christ only has one Head on His one Body, so it cannot have two heads. As such, the human head must represent the Divine Head. This it dose in Peter, whom Christ appointed as Pope. Christ, essentially, founded His Church on His vicar. This He did to show that He chose Peter to be His representive on Earth. It would nonsensical if He chose Peter without giving him a primacy, for how could the Church of God be founed on a human being and his faith? So He chose Peter to be His supreme pontiff, the Visible Head representing the Invisible Head, invisible to the Invisible, which is more visible than the Visible because it was He who founded the Church.

Imagine for a moment two different types of churces. One is of a church of twelve bishops, all of whom represent Christ, and none of them have a primacy. This church has twelve heads, which is unlike Christ’s Body, which only has one Head, The other is of a church of twelve bishops, all of whom represent Christ, and one of whom has a primacy. The church has one head, which is like Christ’s Body, which only has one Head. Tell me, which church is Christ’s? Which church is one with Christ?

To put it another way: Christ is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. There is only one Mediator. He is holy. He is the universal Savior. And He is sent by the Father to save men.

Christ founded the Church, and Scripture calls it His Body. Hence, it must be the same as Him: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. There is only one Church. It is holy. It is the universal Sacrament of Salvation. And it is sent by Christ to continue His saving mission.

Christ is God and man. A man has one head on one body. The Church, being His Body, can only have one Head. That is Jesus. But the Church is not only Divien but Human, precisely because it is His Body. So the human head must represent the Divine Head.

A body with multiple heads is either artifical or unnatural. So a church with mutliple heads is either man-man or evil.

Ever considered that maybe apologetics just isn’t what God has in mind for you?

As Smokey said years ago, I second that emotion! :smiley:

Hmmm. Not a word about the argument itself but a cheap crack about the poster. I think they’d call that an ad hominem type of attack. Perhaps one or both of you would care to try a real discussion in your next post?

The poster did nothing to add to the long list of rhetorical statements and pointed remarks not lending themselves to productive dialogue. So, why don’t you strike up a word or two about why anyone here with anything that resembles intelligence should look at this as anything but simply more of the same.

You don’t find productive dialogue–that’s fine, you can say so. But don’t you think that you can express that thought with more courtesy? I like to get off a humorous remark (at least I find them so even if others don’t:D) but I try not to make the type of remark that you ‘seconded’, because it reflects poorly on the person making it. To have to make thinly veiled insults on the order of ‘don’t quit your day job’ rather than saying WHY you think the person’s argument is not tenable makes **you **look bad. (Even if you only seconded it.)

… but how many times a day is one supposed to do that? He repeatedly bombards this forum with things that barely make sense and often just to offend and gloat it would seem. Is it charitable to correct him and watch him continue to spout off anyway? At some point you have to say ,“Maybe you might find a better way to accomplish God’s work with all that enthusiasm.” I thought I put it rather mildly! Seemed more charitable than humoring him at this point. :shrug:

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