'The Voice' singer Christina Grimmie dies after shooting



This is very sad. I didn’t really know who she was until I saw this story on the news a few hours ago, but I think we all ought to just pray for her soul. And also pray that God has mercy on her attackers soul. :gopray: 


Yikes! She was my MILs favorite.

I wonder about security at the event. I also wonder if the voice, and as an extension those of us that watch it are to blame partially for taking regular teens and telling the world about them personally in a popularity contest for fame.
( I include myself in that.)


It was a very casual event. I don’t think there was a lot of security.


The killer travelled to Orlando with 2 guns and a knife to kill her :frowning:

Some article that is circulating now claims it was a hate crime-that he hates Christians. Christina was always very open about Christianity. That article has not been confirmed though. But it makes sense because it was definitely not a random shooting.


That is pretty hateful to target someone like that, just because they are in love with God.

If that doesn’t define evil, then nothing does.


Orlando is having a pretty rotten time right now. Pray for that city.


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