The Volumes of the Roman Breviary (Why begin at August?)


If I be not mistaken (however I might), one of the volumes of the Roman Breviary starts at the start of August. I was just wondering how it be possible to start a volume at the start of a month as that may be the middle of a week and it could be on a range of weeks in Ordinary Time so how do they know what to start on and, if anyone have the volume which starts at August, how does it start (as in, on what Office does the Proper of Seasons begin)

If I be wrong and the one of the volumes of the Roman Breviary don’t (sic) start at August, then could someone please tell me which Breviary/LOTH does.

(I refer here to the Baronius Press 1961 version - )

Also, I’m not too sure so could someone also please tell me when each of the volumes of the Baronius Press Roman Breviary begin

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First, there is no ordinary time. For the Roman Breviary and the EF missal, Sundays after Pentecost is used.

Volume III’s Proper of Season starts with 1st Vespers of the First Sunday of August.

Volume I - First Sunday of Advent to Fourth week of Lent inclusive.

Volume II - Passion Sunday to End of July.

Volume III - August to end of November

The red, in vol. III, for the First Sunday of August reads, “If the first Sunday falls on August 1 to 3, then the month has five Sundays…If, however, the first Sunday falls on August 4 to 7, the month has only four Sundays, and that part of the occurring Scriptures which is assigned to the fifth week is omitted.”

Volume II covers to the Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost to accommodate shifting seasons.

The First Sunday of August for 2014 is August 3rd. The offices for the 1st and 2nd of August will be found in volume II for Friday and Saturday of the 7th Sunday after Pentecost, August 3rd being the 8th Sunday after Pentecost.


Thanks, this helped a lot :wink:


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