The Waldensians and Christs immaterial body


According to “The Christian Faith - doctrinal documents of the Catholic church” page 249, the Walensians are claimed to hold a “*sort of cosmological dualism, inherited from the Manicheans, according to which matter is evil”. *

And that they professed that Christs human body was “an **appearance **and not real body of flesh”.

Pope Innocent III corrected them on this issue in 1208, but I
can not find any sources which proves that the Waldensians really clamined this, which would be very heretical.

Can anyone help me to find such a source?



I think your source has confused the Waldensians with the Cathars :


On the beliefs of the Waldensians, see

This does not look like a Catholis site, but it is a good and fairly objective presentation.



Yes, it looks so, but in that case it also looks intentional.
The sources are the Jesuits Jaques Dupuis and Josef Neune, and their description of the Waldensians must be plain wrong on this point.

I guess I am very sensitive to distorted rendering of history, since I have been part of this game among the protestants for 20 years. :frowning:

So, it is dissapointing if I find the same tradition among Catholics, but I hope I am wrong in this case. :slight_smile:


Hi Roots__,

In this case, the error does not seem to bring advantage to the writers. I don’t think it was intentional. Nemo gratis mendax. (No one lies without a reason.)



Ok, lets hope you are right. :slight_smile:

If the writer was wrong, then the Waldensians come out much more favourable than they would do if the writer was correct, because then the Waldensians did not question the physical appearance of Christ - and turns out much more orthodox.


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