The walking dead

In Season 6 two separate same sex relationships were introduced. I know they are tangential in the plotline, but its still supporting it some. How much of an issue is this for morality?

Yea, I stopped watching around that time. Not only because of the same sex agenda they started pushing but also because it took so long for them to make the next batch of episodes, half way through a season would be like a 12month break (felt like 12months anyway) and when it returned, id practically forgotten the last episode anyway.

I think I stopped watching around season 6, on and off ever since that almost sex scene with that Abraham guy and other dude watching, which was totally messed up.

I liked the seasons where Hershel was in it, because I thought he was good, but it started to go down hill after him I thought.

A fair bit of an issue, I think they are pushing the agenda a bit. I’m not really interested in it anymore as I think they have lost the plot a fair bit.

The first gay guy was fine, but when you have episodes with the two chicks starting to make out, and another with a sex scene, it’s not hard to see where this going and I’m out.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the first couple of seasons, not now though.

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Yeah, the main group has also mercilessly killed many people…so if you’re watching this show I would say suspend your morality for an hour :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the popularity of the show had something to do with it, and the writers were probably ‘encouraged’ to write in some same sex relationship stuff…its all about making it look normal, the more often its shown in this light, the more people become accustom to it, there really is a science behind it. Eventually this will not even be an issue anymore.

Don’t watch it. Can’t stand the blood and gore. Peace.

That’s the main reason I can’t watch it, plus the cannibalism episode. Same-sex relationships are being added in every visual media possible. I think more people will get tired of it and reject those media where it appears. Since it cannot be regarded as normative.


Walking Dead = Political Correctness

The first part of this show had some bright spots, now it’s victim to demographics. How do we get more viewers? Make them gay of course! With all the cannibalism and violence on the show, I really don’t see how some have time for these elaborate sexual relationships.

Wasn’t Aaron’s lover killed? I know Denise is dead, so that leaves Tara, Aaron, and Jesus as the only homosexuals left on the show. Although, I can’t remember if Ezekiel is homosexual too, can someone clarify?

Oh and I’m purely speculating that Negan kills Maggie.

Wait. Did I see Jesus. They. They. Those. …

In the comics, Jesus is very homosexual.

I stopped buying comic books a long time ago. And more gay is creeping into current comics. I watch the comic book industry on an almost daily basis. It’s terrible.


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