The wall street TERRORIST!

Look at it for your self, look at the video at the bottom of this news page.

Anarchists. Overthrow the government just like the Bolsheviks did in Russia. By the way, most of the $$ in that movement came from rich kids given everything by their parents.

I would imagine IF they knew their history, they’d find their ancestors left Europe because they were being oppressed. Yet, here the third, fourth generation are creating the same turmoil which drove out their great grandparents and grandparents.

I thank God my Dad never lost his Italian Citizenship. As a result when I was born I automatically became a Dual Citizen! Now if I only had 250,000 Euros I;d be outta here PDQ, and my wife & 3 cats too!

Hmmm. I asked my Irish Granny if she ever wanted to go back. She said, “If there was anything there, I wouldn’t have left in the first place.”

I feel blessed that they made the sacrifice to find a new place to live which offered them a good life and that they blessed me with my religion. Poor but rich. No handouts. Did it on their own and that “tradition” has continued through five generations each achieveing a little more. Thank you GOD for our blessings this Thanksgiving and always.

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