The Wallet Rosary

Has anyone seen this?

It looks interesting, and workable.

I use a normal bead rosary. When I don’t have it with me, sometimes I just pray with my fingers. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried using those credit card-like flat ‘rosaries’ like this one but I find that I can’t feel the raised beads on the card that much. I have to keep on glancing to see if I’m still on track. Like it’s supposed to be the start of the next decade, but I’m still praying the Hail Mary.

Looks good. I understand they want it talked about but I wish it didn’t have the cheesey name.
The stainless steel rectangle looks like the best design.
My finger rosary for the car is not that easy to use. The knobs are too close together and it really doesn’t fit on your finger.
I hope they do well. I just ordered my self a combat Rosary, even though I make custom rosaries for people. I found that the combat Rosary had components, that even if I made it myself would cost the same in the long run.
I might want to order one of these though for the hubs.

I ordered something very similar from Autom; it’s called a Rosary Card. Very easy to carry, can also be used as a book mark for my religious reading material.

I have one. Never used it, though.

My combat rosary arrived. Lost it in the bed the first time using it, but it’s not broken! LOL :slight_smile:

The wallet Rosary is atrocious, IMHO

I have one too. I always carry my rosary card in my wallet. It fits perfectly since its is the same size as a credit card. It has small bumps forming a rosary on one side and a picture of St Benedict on the other. I bought this card at Great idea to be able to carry a rosary in a wallet. The beads are small so its not for everyone but it works for me. I also usually carry a wooden rosary in my pocket. But when I forget it, the rosary card is in my wallet as a backup.

Hi all!

I saw the chat about The Wallet Rosary and just wanted to point out that the finished product is here if you wanted to take a look. Check out to see what’s new.

Thanks for your interest! God Bless!

That’s pretty cool. The closest thing I’ve ever seen was the rosary card.

I just carry my rosary ring, though.

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