The War on Bread: How the Syrian regime is using starvation as a weapon


Starving people to death seems barbaric, medieval, the kind of baroque theater you might see on “Game of Thrones.” It’s also a war crime: in 1977, the Additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions prohibited the starvation of civilian populations as a method of warfare. Yet when Assad’s regime uses food as a weapon, no world leaders talk of “credibility.” No government threatens to send cruise missiles (nor should they, but that’s another story). The entire world has been studiously ignoring this war crime for over two years. Why?

Another crime against humanity, and the world looks away. When will LOVE (i.e., Christ) become dominant in world politics and economics?


Use Force to Save Starving Syrians, New York Times, Opinion

DENVER — THE Syrian people are starving. According to the United Nations, about 800,000 civilians are currently under siege. In areas around the cities of Homs, Aleppo and Deir Ezzor and in parts of the capital, Damascus, no food, medical supplies or humanitarian aid can get in, and people can’t get out. Many have already died under these “starvation sieges” and hundreds of thousands teeter on the brink, subsisting on grass and weeds. In Damascus, a cleric has ruled that under these conditions, Muslims are permitted to eat normally forbidden animals like cats, dogs and donkeys.
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This is not a famine. Food is abundant just a few miles away from these besieged areas. Military forces — mainly the army of President Bashar al-Assad, but in some cases extremist anti-Assad militias — are preventing food and medicine from reaching trapped civilians. In addition to starving, many people in besieged areas have been stricken by diseases, including polio, but can’t get medical treatment because doctors can’t get through.


This is just like Stalin. No wonder Putin supports Assad.

The only leaders who can do this to their people are either evil or mentally disabled and should NOT be leading a country. I do not want the United States to get involved over there militarily, but we have to start hard-lining them or something. We can’t just sit here, the greatest country in the world, and do nothing while people suffer.

Our Lady, Queen of Peace, guide us toward the everlasting Light of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.




What can we do there, other than fight?

It’s not like hordes of Americans go on vacation trips to Damascus each year, or US$trillions of stuff gets transported between the two countries.

We have almost no nonlethal leverage there.

And we DO NOT (cubed) need to get involved in yet another war!



When will LOVE (i.e., Christ) become dominant in world politics and economics?

Sometime after the Winter Olympics are held in Houston, and nude beaches open in Greenland??


Putin’s government isn’t supporting Assad’s regime because Assad undertakes actions similar to what Stalin did (and using food as a weapon isn’t something unique to Stalin). The Russian support of the Syrian government has more to do with Russian international interests than with the Syrian government acting like a not very well liked Soviet leader.


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