The War on Candy

Students turn a profit from candy sales

VICTORVILLE — With candy sales banned on school campuses, sugar pushers are the latest trend at local schools. Backpacks are filled with Snickers and Twinkees for all sweet tooths willing to pay the price.

This has become a lucrative business, Nason said, and those kids are walking around campus with upwards of $40 in their pockets and disrupting class to make a sale.

Schools have been individually banning junk-food sales for years, and enforcement was increased in 2005 when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger passed legislation to combat childhood obesity, according to the office of the governor.

**Young candy buyer finds penalty unduly bitter

**NEW HAVEN — Sheridan Communications and Technology Middle School eighth-grader Michael Sheridan was suspended from school for three days, barred from attending an honors student dinner and stripped of his title of class vice president.
His offense?
He bought a bag of Skittles.
The punishment was meted out because the New Haven school system banned candy sales and fundraisers in 2003 as part of the districtwide school wellness policy.

Bring on the sugar-sniffing dogs!! Throw the little pushers in jail! Call in the Child Protective Services – something is obviously wrong at home!

Oy vey!

Can you say unintended consequences? Unintended but totally foreseeable.

Btw, in the past I have posted a couple satirical news items from sites like The Onion. These items are real – no joke.

Absolutely! Its high time someone did something.

Close to 100% of heroin addicts began by eating candy when they were younger. We need to stop this problem, before its a problem!

Bubble gum was outlawed in my school twenty years ago and most kids snuck around and ate it anyway.:shrug: The punishment for being caught was usually detention. No school that I was in every sold candy and normally just had icecream sandwiches and milkshakes for extras during lunch. We also couldn’t eat candy in class either, so I don’t see the big deal there.

We were allowed to bring candy to school and eat it during lunch but I don’t remember anyone selling the candy. You could be very popular for five minutes if you shared your candy but that was about it.

Ah, the Liberal Nanny State strikes again.

Now, of course, if a kid brought a peice of candy to school that was shaped like a gun, they’d probably throw him out for life.

I’m sure these idiots in the public school system have more important things to worry about that a kid with a bag of skittles. I can remember years ago when we would take smith brothers cough drops to school and eat them like candy. If the teacher said anything, we would just cough. Things have really changed these days.

The Socialist Agenda is alive and well. They are already thinking of refusing service to overweight people in restaurants. Soon we will be rationed on everything and programmed to be as perfect healthy specimens as they can make us…I am totally convinced…it’s coming!!

Skittles are apparently more dangerous than teaching kids how to use birth control. falls over dead

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