The watching-tree


In The Book of Jeremiah, Chapter 1 Verses 11-12 state:

 The word of the Lord came to me with the question: What do you see, Jeremiah?  
"I see a branch of the watching-tree," I replied.   
 Then the Lord said to me: Well have you seen, for I am watching to fulfill my word.    

A footnote declared:   

The watching-tree: the almond tree, which is the first to blossom in the springtime as though it had not slept.

What do you think about Jeremiah’s response of seeing a branch of the watching-tree?


The Douay Rhiems has " a rod watching", and the New American Standard has a " rod of an almond tree".

The New American Bible sounds like the one you are reading because it has that footnote. It also says the Hebrew for almond is a kind of play on “I am watching”.

It sounds to me like Jeremiah is thinking, " I had better pay attention and get this right’.


Hello Cyril.

Remember the thread you started on “His Portents?” Go there, read my response and see if the “watching tree” just might be easy to spot the meaning of after reading it. Tribe of Levi. Those who would be watching both Gentile and Jew for the 7 signs of the coming of the Messiah. Shepherds watching in the night coming down to Bethlehem at His birth. Portents. God set the watch for His coming way back when and the verses in Jeremiah all fit into the theme for when He came He did say that He came to fulfill. And we are told in Scripture that “…in the fullness of time, He sent His Son…” Pretty easy when you get the hang of it.



P.S. The word He would have been looking to fulfill that Jeremiah knew of would refer to the Protoevangelium in Genesis. The boiling cauldron could have pointed to the turbulent times that were there in Jerusalem at His Birth, Roman occupation and wars all over the place, certainly politically speaking a pot about to boil over.



Glenda and Cyril, I am humbled and fascinated to see these things explained. I am especially glad to hear that some of the Jews knew who Jesus was because of something other than His miracles.


Hello Oldburkes. The Confraternity version says “watching tree” as well.



Glenda, this has been a very rewarding Lent for me so far. I found CAF, discovered the Douay Rhiems Bible, the Bible Hub search site, and now, the Confraternity Bible.
I just read Wikapedia’s desciption of it.

Until now, the NAB and the Good News Translation have been my sources for Scripture. It’s intriguing how a single word, and its translation, can shift meaning, or influence understanding of a type or portent.

As a convert (and revert), I’ve been learning something pretty much every day over the last few years. Thanks to you and all the Forum users here for broadening my vision.


Oldburkes, Thank you for your statement about " fascinated to see these things explained".

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