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I don’t know if I’m allowed to post this - am doing so on behalf of a friend. He is petitioning for the charitable status of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the UK to be removed. Currently - I don’t know if you are aware - the Watchtower Society is a registered charity. He can be seen here…

and the e-petition is here

Many thanks. God Bless.

What’s the norm for religious groups? Certainly they should get the same classification.

Hi Nine_Two

Not all religious groups are recognised as charities by the British Government. With regards to charities, we assume they benefit Society - the Watchtower does no ‘good works’ in the community (their only goal is to sell the WT’s literature and hopefully make more converts). They do not have programmes whereby they help the elderly/poor - in stark contrast to Catholics who serve their community.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

The current state of Britain is such that many there would like nothing more than to eliminate all favoritism for any and all religions. Watchtower is a nutty organization in my view, but it is the religion of those people. Be careful what you start because it may come back to bite you.

Any place that has people who want to arrest the pope for crimes against humanity (remember His Holiness’ last visit to the UK?) would just as soon bite you as the JWs.

I apologise for any offence I may have caused JRRT. That wasn’t my intention. As you are possibly aware, the Watchtower professes to be ‘no part of this - Satan’s - World’. Yet it takes money from those it condemns, whilst only looking after itself. God Bless.

It,s a religion- should have same rights as others

Oh, you didn’t offend me at all. Didn’t mean to give that impression. I’m just saying if the tax boys come after the JWs, they’ll come after us too. Nothing a tax boy likes bettr than taxing.

They must have met the government’s criteria for a “charitable” organization when they were granted that status.

Has anything changed? If not, leave them be.

I recall an old legal maxim: “Better that a hundred guilty men go free, than that one innocent man be convicted.”

I think the same might apply here. I don’t want the government judging what is and what is not legitimate religion.

They are a religion and rightly deserve charitable status.

I say that as a former JW who no longer believes a single teach they teach.

It’s true, they do not contribute to society in practical ways by feeding the poor etc. but they DO preach their faith door to door because they believe that is what mankind needs more than anything. It’s unfortuante their message is totally wrong - but still, it’s their faith - their message - their religion.

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