The watchtower organization and deaths of innocents


this is a society that tells lies and backs up their lies and defends their lies they teach. we all know that. i wonder, how do you think God will hold them accountable for the lies? we do not know.

what does it state at the end of the book of Revelation about changing scriptures? it is very clear as to what it says. yes, i would assume it applies to this organization very well.

they have lawyers who will go to court and defend their belief. well, good for them. doesn’t mean they win does it? nope. in alot of cases they do win. what i would like to know is how can they live with themselves when a baby dies without a blood transfusion? i wonder! or a child? a beloved parent? brother? sister? exct? they always manage to use their belief to make them feel better when someone they love dies without a blood transfusion.

yup, taking false comfort in their belief when someone they love dies. thousands have left the organization because they cannot reconcile the death/s of losing someone they love because of no blood.

i wonder how they will try to justify the deaths of babies and children when they meet God after they die? can you imagine being separated from God forever? i can’t! can you imagine a little baby in a bed premature, or sick, and all it needs is a blood transfusion to help save its life dying because the parents are indoctrinated to believe that this is in the best interest of the helpless little infant who cannot speak for itself to die rather than recieve a life saving blood transfusion! its almost as horrid as abortion!

how can anyone sit back and watch their child die? i could not do it! they justify this practice by saying that this is what God would want! this is false! this is NOT what God would want! nor has He ever wanted this! nor will He ever want it! futhermore, how could anyone defend this no blood policy? i can’t even believe i did defend it at one point in my life! brainwashed? oh yeah. witnesses are truly brainwashed. big time! and i was no exception either.

iam delighted i got out of that false belief. believe me, the leaders of the organization have alot to account for when they meet God face to face when they die. they cannot escape His justice.


I used to be on the bus. Then one day I got off the bus. I hated the bus, and hated the bus driver. I knew the bus was going at 100 MPH towards a cliff. So I started throwing rocks at the bus. I hurdled them every chance I got. The bus never slowed down and never changed course. What did happen is that I got exhausted from throwing so many rocks. And some times one of my rocks would hurt one of the passengers on the bus.

I have stopped throwing rocks at the bus.


interesting analogy.


It’s not original; I forget who I got that from. It is so hard, and so frustrating. My family is still so very deeply entrenched, I admit it seems hopeless. People that have not been involved in it can not comprehend it. It is truly a unique experience.


I like the way you said this


that is true. i was unfortunately, involved with them for 10years.


get a green scupular and trust in your Blessed Mother for help.

my wife is the most hard headed woman i have ever met, i still love her and know that one day our Heavenly mother will help out my wife as long as i pray the prayer for my wife.


is your wife a jw? not that it is any of my beeswax. because it isn’t. i will pray for her.


no, thank God. but at one point she was going to join the CC with me and now thinks the CC is bunk. long story there.
but what can i do? i only have faith in our Blessed Mother and God that they can help.



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