The way it used to be said

Back when I was growing up, the reader would say, “the first reading is taken from John, chapter 10, the third through fifth verses.”
Today, we just say, “this reading is from the book of John.”
It would take a few more seconds each Sunday, buy I would like things said as they once were, it would draw us closer to the Bible.

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On the whole, I think I prefer it the new way. The context is worship in a church. The Bible readings are part of the Liturgy of the Word, and the Liturgy of the Word is part of the Mass. It’s different from Bible study, where a teacher gives the chapter and verse so that the students know where to look for the passage in their own Bibles.

Also, the numbering of chapters and verses was unknown in the early Church. Mentioning the numbers could be seen as detracting, in some slight way, from the authenticity of the Mass. Some people might even denounce it as a form of Modernism!

I respectfully disagree.

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