The way to get atheists to be pro-life


…is to educate them about how human the unborn really are.

I grew up in this secular culture and from a young age I was indoctrinated to believe whatever it believes. I didn’t understand why people could be pro-life because I was under the impression that what was aborted was either a clump of undifferentiated cells or it was something that looked like a fish and then an amphibian (they even showed us pictures comparing the human unborn to fish unborn and using it to argue evolution).

Then when I grew up a bit and read about these matters I decided to believe that abortion was not okay once the baby had human brainwaves (which I read happens sometime in the second trimester).

Then when I finally became Catholic I accepted the Catholic position that life began at conception, but I still didn’t FEEL that the unborn was as valuable as a grown person. I could make a lot of intellectual arguments for why the unborn are just as human as the born, but they didn’t go to my heart.

What ultimately changed me…?

SEEING PICTURES OF ABORTED BABIES. Immediately after seeing pictures of abortions I realized that they are human beings just like the rest of us. Immediately I felt that abortion was really murder AND started praying for aborted babies. I think it’s very easy for people to say that they are pro-choice when they are under the impression that the baby is just a clump of cells, not a person. This becomes impossible when they see pictures of those “clumps of cells” and realize that those are tiny human beings, who have tiny little hands, tiny faces, hearts, brains etc.

I really think that far fewer people would be pro-choice if they all saw the pictures of abortions.


How about linking them to Libertarians for Life? I doubt they qualify as “bigots”. :wink:


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