The Weather in Bethlehem This Eve


I guess I’m getting my inner-Ignatian on here for a moment. In an attempt to further imagine what it’d be like for the Holy Family on this Eve of the Nativity, I went to and checked out the weather conditions there.

It was a 68 degree day with fair weather and temperatures diving down to 50 degrees overnight, which is a little on the warm side according to the averages posted at the web site. I’m sure that climate conditions have changed over the past 2,000 years (and please, no politics here regarding that), but this was a bit of an eye-opener for me. I guess having grown up in the northern climes of the United States, I’d always thought of this night being more frigid for the Holy Family.

Anyway, I hope that this can be of interest to at least somebody else out there.

Merry Christmas! (or as my friend Mannie the cop says, ¡Police Navidad!)


That's interesting. Yes, I think it would be colder too, but things change over 2,000 years I bet.


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