The Weight


I am not the most fit fellow I know. I have more than just a few extra pounds. Here lately, though, I have been going the gym, walking, biking, lifting weights and, relatively recently, swimming in the pool. Now, don’t let anyone fool you – swimming laps isn’t easy! Even for a young guy like me, one lap leaves me tired and out of breath! :o Of course, it doesn’t help that I am out of shape.

The other day, I managed to swim 23 laps in about 25 minutes time, which was really good for me! However, you can imagine how tired I was! So, when I climbed out of the pool, I didn’t expect to feel the effect of my weight and gravity bearing down on me! I could definitely feel those “few extra pounds” weighing me down, making every step a pronounced effort.

This got me to thinking about the spiritual life. What “extra pounds” am I carrying around in my soul? Physical weight – and gravity – are one thing, but the weight of sin – when you really, truly consider what sin does to the soul – is so very, very heavy. I am glad that I have someone to help me carry it!


What a wonderful analogy! I think I’m going to ponder that one for a while.


Great thoughts. Really hit home for me…


That is an absolutely beautful analogy!


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