The wheat and the weeds

In the parable of the wheat and the weeds, it sounds as if the people who are weeds are planted by Satan, and are not children of God - the wheat. This sounds like predestination. Can the weeds repent and become wheat? As Catholics, we believe that we sin often and are in need of healing. Thus we are going in and out of the grace of God, as we sin and then receive reconciliation. Does this mean that we go back and forth between being weeds and wheat? In the parable, it sounds as if they remain the same until the final harvest.:shrug:

The weeds and the wheat aren’t people, they’re the good and the bad in us, the desirable and undersirable things that come with everything in our lives. Our good intentions are seldom without some weeds of selfishness or whatever, but we mustn’t stop trying to do good just because it isn’t perfect and has weeds of the negatives that we find in everything along with the good.

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The point behind the parable is that while the plant is growing, you can’t tell the difference between the wheat and the weeds. The weed is probably a cockle, a poisonous plant that looked exactly like wheat. The two are indistinguishable until the wheat sprouts its fruit.

Hence, you can tell the good wheat by its fruit. Just as you can tell the Christians by their good works.

When it speaks of people who are “weeds planted by Satan”, it doesn’t mean they were created from the beginning as his followers (predestined). It means they are the people, at any given time, who are not following God’s truth but instead following false teaching.

And yes, the people who are “weeds” can repent and become “wheat” - and vice versa.


The parable about the wheat and the weeds has to do with the theme of there being both saints and sinners in the Church. This and other parables illustrate that the Church on earth is a net that catches a large group of people, not all of which will perservere in holiness.

Thank goodness the chaff aren’t taken out immediately, because some of it turns into wheat!!!

The parable refers to wheat and tares. Tares are almost impossible to distinguish from wheat while they are growing. The separation comes in the threshing room, on judgement day.

I believe that as long as we remain committed to Christ, and try our level best to imitate Him, He will forgive us our sins. We can’t help but sin, because we’re human, with a fallen nature, and can’t achieve perfection in this life. Much of ‘victory’ lies in the struggle, and we’ll always have to struggle to be disciples of Christs. Yes…there are times when we’ll indeed become ‘weed-like’, but hopefully not actual weeds. A true *weed *is someone who doesn’t even try to follow Christ.

I disagree. The true weed is still part of the Church, although their heart is not in it.

Forgiveness comes with repentance.

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel of repentance for forgiveness of sin”.

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