The White Stag

Carnival’s a-coming and I’ve just paid for another glorious one-person invite from the only organisation I belong in. This therefore was a day of reflection and I cast my mind’s eyes upon days long gone. Matter or fact, I almost stagged my own prom, except I was asked out as a matter of convenience by a friend and I decided it was more important than my show. :stuck_out_tongue: What about you? Got any awesome stag stories?

(Disclaimer: I do not condone the so called singles culture. It can go play with the bees on the railway track.)

I stagged one of my band banquets. Can’t remember which one though, it was either freshman or sophomore year. I probably don’t remember b/c I didn’t have any fun :slight_smile: I’m shy so I’m sure I didn’t dance with anyone, and probably not even the obligatory “Time Warp” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Ah, the inhumanity of being single… :smiley:

p.s. Your stag is racist. Let’s be PC and include all colors of stag, shall we? :stuck_out_tongue:

I went stag to my prom. It was most fun. I danced with all my guy friends who brought girls that they wished they hadn’t brought for the sake of not going stag. And hey nothing wrong with it - it didn’t condemn me to the single life. (not that there is anything wrong with the single life if that is what you CHOOSE)

I quickly decided that going stag was much more enjoyable than the stress of the Date type thing in college, so I went to most of my formals without a date. However so did most of my household (catholic version of a sorority) we had so much fun that way. Although some of us were offered rides home…:wink:

Freshmen year of highschool, i brought a friend to the homecoming dance.
The next three years all my girl friends and I went stag, as a group (except my Junior year, where i brought a cardboard cutout of Jack Sparrow and my best friend brought one of Legolas. best dates EVER!)
Ok, so its a small all girls Catholic school, but i never had more fun then when it was just the girls. silly boys just got in the way.
Now my boyfriend and I are seriously discussing marriage, so I don’t think it condemned me to single life. I think it was God’s way of saying “Don’t bother with those silly boys, I’ve got someone better waiting” :thumbsup:

I so wish I had gone stag to my end-of-high-school formal, I would’ve had much more fun, as some of my classmates went stag too.

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