The whole kit and kaboodle, am I being too simplistic?


OK I am NOT in “the know” about all of this so take my opinion for what it’s worth. Pope Francis for the time being is our Pope. God alone (not even the Pope himself) knows when his papacy will end. God allows things to happen for His greater glory. Remember Judas, remember what came about because of his betrayal of Our Lord. But remember after Good Friday came Easter Sunday. All of this going on with the abuse scandals and all are very sad, very hurtful, very disgusting and very WRONG that they even occurred and by Catholic clergy. I can’t change that as a lay Catholic, I can only trust God and pray UNCEASINGLY for Our Church, All priests, all Seminarians, all clergy and YES for all of our Bishops, Cardinals and the Pope. We belong to a Church of fallen, flawed human beings in authority. Does it make what they did or ignored about what was done right—-NO WAY! But all of this “remove the Pope, remove this or that Cardinal, remove this or that Bishop” and so on. There is a reason this all came out now, there is a reason it came out the way it did, there is a reason for who remains in authority and who doesn’t and the way this is all unfolding. Have y’all forgotten that GODIS IN CHARGE. Men have sinned since the fall and men will continue to sin until Jesus comes again. But in the mean time we must LOOK TO GOD and GOD alone to continue in our Faith. Trying to figure this all out and get the “scoop” on everybody else is not what we should be doing. This horrible abuse and any who took part or worse ignored when it was brought to their attention will be judged by God and dealt with accordingly. What we need to do RIGHT NOW and DAILY is pray for ALL Priests, Religious Brothers and Sisters, Deacons, Seminarians, Bishops, Cardinals, our Pope and our Church. I TRUST GOD. I TRUST HIS timing. I TRUST HIS way. I TRUST that HE WILL PREVAIL. I TRUST that HIS Church will continue and be the Church He wants. All of this trying to figure it out and find all of the answers could cause us all to go bazzerk ONLY IN GOD IS MY SOUL AT REST! NO one else can do what God can and will do for this situation and for Our Catholic Church.


I’m glad you’ve thought this out and posted. We all pray for God’s will to be done - and yet have human reactions when “things” happen. I’m not saying these abuses are God’s will - far from it. What I am saying is that it will be dealt with by God and He will protect His Church. It’s hard for us to see this playing out day by day, hour by hour. We want resolution. Here is where I have to rely on God that He is in control.


My opinion: 90 to 95 percent of removal this and resign that is not gonna happen.
It’s just stuff for the media to fill column inches.
If nothing more happens within the next couple weeks, the story will die like a fire burns out.

Wuerl might go, based on the PA grand jury report and because he happened to follow on McCarrick’s heels. But the thing is, most of these guys are so old, they’ll be gone soon anyway. Is it really worth the effort to get into a fight over removing them?

Hopefully everybody coming up in the Church sees what a mess this has all turned into and will not let things get to this point again.

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