The "Why are you still single?" quiz, sorta

I committed a negligent act of terrorism on this thread (page 2 and later) but I want to repent. So here it goes. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bring 'em on. :smiley:

Well I did respond check to most of those…so apparently being an intelligent, confident, faithful woman makes you un-datable in many eyes…

A couple more

You want to travel…check
You want to have kids right away…check ( apparently scary to some)

A couple more…
You had a record deal (fame is scary)
You are infertile (men want kids)
You were on “American Idol” (anyone who impressed Simon= bad).

It’s sad isn’t it? Men say they want someone smart, but then don’t want them too smart. :slight_smile:

Yep! I actually had a guy say…" you know you might be too smart" :confused:
And PS…you were on AI…congrats! That is amazing and do not let anyone tell you otherwise! I wish I could sing that well! :slight_smile:

I’ve had guys tell me that too! I’ve also been told I’m too quick witted. Maybe they know they can’t pull a fast one on me. :smiley:

And Simon is not as bad as he seems.

Do men really want kids so strongly that they wouldn’t want an infertile woman?

It’s bad news for me if so, I am not infertile as far as I know, but I don’t think I want kids.

Congrats on American Idol/record deal though :slight_smile: That’s pretty awesome.

In my experience, it’s been mostly with Catholic guys. I had a couple that I was dating (not at the same time, lol), and when it got to the point where we were going to be exclusive, I told them. Then they said they couldn’t deal with a wife who couldn’t have children. It hurt a lot. :frowning: There is a small chance I could have kids (15%), but near impossible without IVF (which I would never do).

In the non-religious guys I’ve dated, they couldn’t care less about having children. :smiley: They actually like that I can’t have children, because they think FREE SEX. And they leave because I won’t put out. Darned if I do, darned if I don’t.

That is sad because obviously there is still a chance, however slim! Stranger things have happened…

I’m sorry you’ve had to go through that. There are bound to be some Catholic men who would rejoice at an infertile wife though, not everyone wants children.

I just need one. Hopefully he is close by. Lol.:smiley:

Really? That honestly doesn’t scare me…I actually find that attractive in women.

Any woman who is dating a man who is threatened by her intelligence, or feels it is a turn off…should run for the hills! :eek: (at lightning speed, I might add lol)

This thread is the reason why I don’t give them a reason.

I’ll admit that if I were the boyfriend in this situation I would be initially disappointed but I wouldn’t leave her because of it. So what? If you are attracted to the woman in every way why are you going to leave her over this one issue that really isn’t an issue if you don’t let it be?

Too shy with the opposite sex, check
Self employed, check
Never married, no kids and in my 40’s, check
Not overweight and balding, check
No belief in premarital relations, big check

I’m talking to someone now, have been for many months, so please do not place me in the singles category, more like in limbo until we finally meet in person.

Good luck! Hope they don’t disappear like the guy I met from here! (I’m in a snarky mood today). :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have to disagree. The issue of having children is a very important one to some. If it is apparent that you have different and irreconcilable goals in life, it’s best to part ways early, however painful it may be; otherwise, it would be unfair to the other person and to yourself.

I understand the disappointment. But what really irked me was that adoption was never in the conversation. Way to be open to life (no matter which way it comes). Just becasue it isn’t your DNA, or a different color, doesn’t mean that it’s less than your own biological child.

CountrySinger, I do not want to sound uncharitable, but it is important to respect the other person and their wishes in a relationship. If you’re looking for different things in life, there is no use in trying to force things. It’s not about what the other person should or shouldn’t believe, because you’re not going to be able to impose your will on them, since they’re their own free person. It simply means that you’re not compatible and that God has someone else in mind for you.

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