The wind of change in the Arabic/Islamic world.

The freedom and democracy is approaching the Arabic/Islamic world, first it was Iraq, then Tunisia, and yesterday it was Egypt. It’s really good to fell the freedom around us, I’m very happy to see the Egyptians (Muslims and Christians) celebrating yesterday when their dictator has been kicked out.

However, one of the reports shown here was accusing the Egyptian dictator regime of organizing the attack on the Coptic Church in Alexandria, so without that freedom we wouldn’t have known that.

I look forward one day to see official Churches next to my house…

where you from?

Look at the location part at the top of his post. He’s from Saudi Arabia.

Egypt is an extremely important state in the Middle East. It has the largest Muslim population in the region and controls the vital Suez Canal region, which is essential for world trade.

The question at this point is who will fill the void and how it affects other surrounding countries and ultimately humanity.

Maybe the 2012 prophecy will be fulfilled after all…
(Zechariah 12:1-3):
"This is the word of the LORD concerning Israel. The LORD, who stretches out the heavens, who lays the foundation of the earth, and who forms the spirit of man within him, declares, "I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem., On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations.

At the moment information about who make up the protesters is rather scanty but by the look of it they are largely ordinary Egyptians who genuinely hunger for freedom and democracy. It is encouraging and perhaps a good sign that the more extremist elements are for the most part remain in the background. Hopefully this revolution will not be hijacked by extremist religious bigots otherwise it will be one dictatorship to be replaced by another form of repressive autocracy.

Its a wonderful thought and even more astounding to see when Peace prevails. I was just watching Egypt with everyone in Liberty Square with Brooms and Garbage bags to signify a clean-up of government.

The Jewish community, I don’t know what it is with wanting to kill those people. Long as I can remember someone has been trying to exterminate them. There really can only be one answer and thats evil.

Bad everywhere Sam, maybe Egypt can wake up the world. There’s little regard for the sanctity of life today. Sometimes doing good means taking a a blind faith step in the dark. I give everyone there a lot of credit.

What prophecy? :confused: The “end of the world” one?
We can’t know that, we know neither the day nor hour.

It’s a shame that change had to be effected by a popular uprising. The dirtiest events in history always begin with democratic bosh. How democratic, free, and open was the Weimar Society, whose newsstands were filled with child pornography, and whose nightclubs were filled to the brim with prostitutes! How lovely were the fields of France when liberty reigned with her consort, the good guillotine? All rhetoric about freedom, peace, democracy, and openness is absolute rubbish. I pray that the Moslems will see the sense of installing some sort of monarch.

Polybius makes clear the cycle of political history, friends. I have no hatred for these rioters, but they remain rioters and peasants. Democracy is always the very end of the ladder. It inevitably crumbles into chaos; though the day looks clear now, it shall be bleak again soon. All this claptrap about tolerance and voting never stems human concupiscence and irascibility. We are sinners, and no amount of open ballots will change that. Praise God for authority, stability, and order; thank Satan for universal suffrage. :frowning:

People too often say the US is a ‘democracy’ when in fact she was founded as a Republic. The founders were highly critical of democracy.
What democracy crumbles into is generally tyranny.

You are right that the founders of the United States instituted a constitutional republic, not a democracy, to limit the powers of the central government. That said, I wonder if the traditions of some countries make them more functional with stronger central governments. That may be the case with Egypt.

A bit of a side note here, but one of the freedoms inherent in any form of democratic society is the free practice of religion, and that includes the freedom to change one’s religion. No way do I see that happening in Egypt, except for the conversion of the Copts (forcibly, perhaps) to Islam. Democracy, as we understand the term, is not going to happen there.


These people in Egypt have been very impressive. They were 100% non-violent, except when they had to defend themselves of course, and then went right back to being peaceful. The news reports that I saw today showed them back in the square cleaning up after themselves. They have been role models in my opinion. Now, my fear is who will hold this together and how it will be done in the interim period until they can establish elections or whatever government they chose to put in place. Based on their behavior to date, perhaps I shouldn’t worry. They have been amazing.

Your friend

Weirdly I’m inclined to agree with you. A monarchy from what I can see seems to be the most stable form of government that history has ever managed to give us. That being said if your vying for a monarachy in the US then that’s kind of a lost cause.

The situation in Egypt has NOT been 100% non-violent, despite the US president and public believing it is so. A family of Coptic Christians was murdered by their Muslim neighbors in El Minya, who took advantage of the lawlessness to kill Christians. I believe a total of 11 Copts died in the rioting. Also, there was some reporting that a church was bombed in Rafah (no one seems to agree on that, though).

Personally, I think democracy requires responsibility. Can the Egyptians be trusted to be responsible – the Muslim majority responsible towards the needs of the Coptic minority, the new government (when they come) towards the people by enforcing the rule of law fairly so that perpetrators of murder like those in El Minya are punished according to the law and not according to their religious identity? (being Muslims who killed Christians, so it’s okay, like it was in El Kosheh)

Coptic friends of mine have said that the prison where the murderer convicted of the 2010 Christmas massacre was incarcerated was emptied by protesters during the rioting, meaning that this murderer is now on the street again. Something tells me catching him and others who kill Christians specifically because they are Christians is not a high priority in the minds of the majority. I hope that I am wrong and that people will remain level-headed and not call for an Islamic government. I am not hopeful on that account, but I know that God is in control of all things, so He will use any coming oppression to strengthen the peoples’ faith in HIM, not in any government.

I am SOOOOOOOOO happy for the Egyptians!!!

They’ve been oppressed and have stood up and united amongst themselves to free themselves of Tyranny. It’s absolutely amazing.

They continued protests despite Mubarak’s goons trying to make it look like they were criminals.

Standing up like they did, the Egyptians showed the world that they ARE responsible, and frankly they deserve freedom and democracy too if they want it.

I haven’t heard such news in the Arabic media regarding that (even in the Christian ones), also we should be cartful on that maybe the Egyptian dictator regime are doing that as shown here to make Egypt looks bad after Mubarak…

Yes, the end of the world, I pray for JESUS second coming ASAP :gopray2:…

We are but spectators and may only speculate on the happenings in Egypt. We should pray, therefore, that men of good will prevail in this, for upon them rests God’s promise of peace.

That being said, I want those who exploded the car bomb outside of a Coptic Church in Alexandria brought to justice, otherwise I am of the opinion that it was an intimidation tactic meant to frighten that community into silence.

Pax Christi,

I see. I think what you are saying is fair in that the situation in no place at any given time 100% non-violent. Could you tell me how these attacks were connected to the protests, other than the fact that the protests might have by pure consequence provided cover for criminal opportunists here and there? It is also fair to say that somewhere someone is being robbed, while somewhere else a horse is scratching his innocent backside against a a tree. Have there been any sources to release the names these perpetrators, and who in the protest movement they were tied to?

Your friend,

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