The Wisdom of the Psalms

Fr. Guardini’s 1968 classic “The Wisdom of the Psalms” appears to be getting difficult to get a hold of. I read my copy from the library but I notice Amazon had only one copy for sale and other book purveyors on the Internet appear to be in the same boat. I’ve quoted the new revised standard version for each Psalm that Fr. Guardini takes up in my reading selections.

Beholding the World Prophetically
"The believer of the Old Testament does not behold the world scientifically nor aesthetically, but prophetically, as a countenance through which God looks at him, God Who Himself dwells in light inaccessible. And we should ask ourselves if here is not something here that we should recover. In the course of modern development our eyes have become dim. Not our natural eyes — although even these do not see clearly enough, otherwise we would not say about man the foolish things we say — but the eyes of faith.

Have these eyes not forgotten how to see the world as a “work” and so to see Him who made it? To see it as a form which conceals and yet reveals Him? And do we not have occasion to ask God to enlighten us."

These are precious readings. Hope you enjoy them.

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