The Witch Burnings

Recently, my Lutheran father made the assertion that the Witch Burnings were aimed at Protestants by the Church and “ that’s why Protestants are mad at the Catholic Church. “

I know that both sides were burning witches and persecuting heresies. Calvin’s Geneva and 17th century Germany comes to mind.

My basic question is: Is there any truth to what my father said and who killed more “ witches “; us or the Protestants?

My guess is the Protestants killed more than we did as the majority of the trials were held in Northern Europe, England and Scotland.

Does the side with the highest tally get a prize…a cup for example. My mother is a Lutheran and I was recently shocked to the core of my being in that after a lifetime of going to Mass with us kids raised as Catholics and she never received communion etc. can NOW do so even though she has never converted. She said that it is because the Catholic church doesn’t do the transubstansiation thing anymore …I attend the Tridentine Mass and don"t keep up with the latest novelties but goodness gracious me!!!

No. Just no. There is no such “novelty.”

The Catholic Church generally didn’t want to prosecute witches. In the 1200s, the Pope even forbade such prosecutions.

During the time of the Protestant Reformation, in the countries that were very Catholic, there were very few witchcraft trials.
In the countries that became heavily Protestant, there were a lot more witch trials. Many witches were prosecuted by Protestants, but many were also prosecuted by Catholics. Some historians have said this is because the two churches were competing with each other for followers and the Catholic Church didn’t want to look soft on witchcraft.

I’m mostly only familiar with the situations in UK and USA since most of my ancestors came from UK countries. In both UK and USA, it was the Protestants, usually Calvinists, pushing most of the witch trials.


I agree with you. That’s what the historical record shows.

The problem is, Tis; is that my family is very anti Catholic and we get into heated rows when we even discuss religion and I can’t set the record straight with them. I can’t talk to them basically.

Then don’t talk to them about religion. Talk about the weather and television.

There is no requirement that one discuss religion with one’s extended family (I’m assuming this is your extended family since I recall your ex-wife passed away and your fiancee was Catholic).
And it’s often better to just not go there.

I know. @Tis_Bearself but my Mom got really pissed at me for taking my youngest to Mass this morning. She wouldn’t even talk to me for the rest of the day until I went to work.

I love my family; but, I’m not surrendering my authority and religion just because of their anger.

Because of my sons, I have to face the religion issue with them.

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