The Words of a Victim [NYT]

The Words of a Victim

Published: March 26, 2010

Steven Geier, 59, is among the former students of St. John’s School for the Deaf who has accused the Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy of sexual abuse. He spoke Thursday to David Callender, a reporter covering the story for The Times, in Madison, Wis. The following is a transcript of their conversation. It has been edited and condensed, and it contains mature language.

The interview began with a question to Mr. Geier asking how he felt about his treatment by the Roman Catholic Church.

warning: some graphic detail.

By Mail Foreign Service
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‘I felt like I was brainwashed’: After 40 years of silence, abuse victims of U.S. priest relive ordeal ‘that Pope covered up’

Major Points

* Archbishop of Westminster: There is no Church cover-up
* Now Pope implicated in case of paedophile Munich priest
* Vatican paper defends Benedict from 'despicable' attack

First off, I’m not reading it because I have no desire to hear the details of sexual abuse. It deeply sickens me that any publication would publish this.

We must never, ever forget the victims. They have the right to want justice.

Wow, some of the comments being made…I can imagine the heat being taken by some as being known as a Catholic christian…I know someone who changed to being an Anglican after finding out knowledge of a relative after the last scandal went public…It just seems to come in waves…It’s a cancer among ALL groups and a sign of the times we live in…Our faith stays in Christ irregardless of the storm…

How were you brain washed? If you were misled by the secular media, I can understand you were decieved as most people are. It takes prayer, discernment and searching to find the truth of any matter especially where the secular media is involved.
God Bless Norv

I don’t feel that I was brainwashed. That’s the title of a news article. I originally had two separate threads but there must be duplication b/c the moderators edited this to put the other story in this thread. There is so much overlap right now in terms of what’s being said out there.


My prayers are with them, as well as with the Church and the Holy Father.

Reading this persons recounting hurts me. I feel the hatred in Stevens words. I don’t Blame him for feeling this way. However, I hope he can receive the grace from our Lord that he needs to allow healing of the scars Father Murphy left on him. I hope that his hatred for Father Murphy doesn’t consume him or stand in the way of the healing he needs.

Praying for this victim and praying God will bring justice to him. I hope the Church will embrace the victims of abuse and help make them part of the solution.

I found this elderly gentlemans commentry on an Irish tv show heartwrenching. He gave evidence of his abuse to the Ryan Commission.

WARNING - adult language and adult themes.

*Guyonthestreet–wow, that was something…very hard to watch. I can’t imagine what those poor kids endured. At the same time, is it wrong of me to also have deep sadness for the torment that the priests were in also? They had to be so completely and utterly lost. I have such pain for the victims, and such sadness for the depravity that some of these priests had in their hearts and minds. God can do all things…and I pray that people do not turn from Him…that they know that the Church is not about this, but that sin exists in all hearts…in all men/women…and we need to pray for all of the victims…we need to embrace them, and pray for their healing. For their forgiveness. I never thought I’d be in a position either, to have to forgive the wrongdoings of priests I have never met, because of the shame they have brought on the Church. And that is the test of our faith…all of our faith in the Church. Do we forgive? We will never ever understand how a grown man could hurt children…but, we still have to find mercy in our hearts.

We all are sinners. I’m reminded of that during this Easter season. I’m reminded of my own sin, and no, while I have not molested anyone…I cannot judge these men. But, we must see to it that this never happens again, and that we take great strides in making our Church, a safe one. My prayers for the Church, and for the victims…and for the priests’ souls. We all need a Savior…we all need Christ.

Gosh, that was heartbreaking to watch! :frowning: But, thanks for sharing with us, here.*

The truth is now complicated by the twenty-four hour tabloid news cycle, where scandal serves the bottom line of big advertising dollars so coveted by those who direct modern media today. Also, I fear the phenomenon of mass hysteria, wherein a demented segment of society seek to join themselves to a victimization which is pure fabrication. Every unsolved crime of celebrity always attracts those who confess falsely out of a deranged longing for attention. Certainly, I do not imply that this is the case in this instance, but, I really believe that every purported victim of Catholic clergy should be scrutinized by investigative professionals so that gross injustice based on vile perfidy not become a new sin added to those already documented. The enemies of the Church are not restrained by moral concepts…such as truth. If the Church is indeed contaminated by vast numbers of pederasts and pedophiles, then let us know their number, in truth, down to the very last one. An independent, irrefutable investigative body must be charged with finding the truth, unimpeded and beyond rebuke. Otherwise, the enemies of Christ, which truly is the whole of mass media, get the chance to create the story…facts be damned. They will have the world believe that all priests are vile predators. We know that is not true. We must now prove it to all the world. In truth, the Church must also prove it to we the faithful.

No, I don’t think it is.

We all need God’s mercy and forgiveness.

This is one of the most upsetting things I have ever watched, worse that reading the transcript about the abuse by Fr. Murphy.

…but worst of all is the ‘defense’ by Bill Donahue of the Catholic League, denying and belittling all of the testimony of victims to the Ryan Commission in Ireland about their horrendous abuse.

…if you really want to get upset…

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