The Work

He is in The Work, as a SN and has been married for several years and has had an illicit relationship with a lady that is now pregnant and expecting. he has not been sincere and honest in his chats, spiritual direction and confessions. He has struggled to cut off this relationship , but it is too late now…he loves and trusts his vocation. Does he still have a vocation in The Work? what plan of life should he follow and what can he do to make this right and still conquer Heaven???

I will be surprised if anyone can understand what is meant by this.

What is " The Work " and what is " SN " ?

As for the knowledge of a sin committed either the poster is referencing himself, or has been given the information from another; either way it is never too late to turn to God in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Lastly what in the world is meant by conquering Heaven ?

Anyhow, good luck to ya op.

I think their post in the Meet and Greet answers some of these questions.

Wecome to CAF,

Do you mean “The Work” of Bryon Katie

Please go see your priest and confess and seek spiritual direction from him.

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