The works of St Augustine


What works by St Augustine would you consider essential reading?

Not to be rude - but if you’re going to say “All of them,” then there’s no need to type anything. Such a response would be typical given the man’s importance.

I am, of course, asking a more specific question, out of *all of them *which ones are more essential than the rest?


again not sure what you mean by essential.
If one is a student of theology and apologetics it would be very difficult to understand development of doctrine and his influence without a survey that includes at least large portions of his major works. If a person were to choose one book that represents his thought and reasons he is a saint, IMO that is the Confessions, and would be my suggestion for the first book to read.


Confessions :thumbsup:

God bless


Augustine’s bibliography is immense. Not only are there works like *Confessions *and City of God, but there are also his Sermons, debates against the Manichaeans and Pelagians, plus catechetical works about Christian life, marriage and virginity.

By major works, I assume you’re referring to Confessions, City of God, and On the Trinity, yes?


I’d second Confessions. Confessions, is of course, auto-biographical. Therefore it delves deep into the soul of Augustine. It would appear the preferred place to begin because you get to know, the man, who is Augustine.


I too would like to second (or third or fourth) Confessions. It’s certainly the best place to start when it comes to St. Augustine.


Im about halfway through the Confessions and I am enjoying it a lot (though Im a slow reader).

I have read select parts of St Augustine’s other works, but really truly, the best way to start is with the Confessions because that gives you a background to where he came from. I wish I had read Confessions first because it would have made me more comfortable (by knowing him as a person struggling with the same struggles all of us face) reading his other stuff.

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