The works of the flesh vs the fruits of the Spirit


What comes to mind when I contemplate this mystery is specifically galations 5:19-5:23. It seems as though depending on the translation of the bible there are totally different words or even words omitted when comparing translations such as the douay rhiems and the RSV-CE.

In my observation the RSV does not have the words immodesty, luxury and murders; and the douay rhiems seems to lack any word related to ‘party spirit’ which is in the RSV-CE.

Considering the ones missing and looking at the times, it seems almost like the ones that translated the RSV did not think that immodesty, luxury, or murders are the work of the flesh or are considering that in ‘today’ these are no longer something to look down upon. Looking at today, it almost seems like we are told by the world if one should live by the flesh that immodesty is okay or even good and luxury is okay or even good. Looking at myself, I am a victim yet entirely of my fault a person of this participation. Living in today’s economy, it seems like the purpose of my income is for those two very purposes: luxury and immodesty.

Does anyone know more about the works of the flesh?

Now depending on the translation of the fruits of the spirit there are 9 or 12. Comparing the two in the Douay Rhiems and RSV-CE, the first 6 are exactly the same but after comes in many confusing differences. Longanimity might be retranslated into faithfulness, and mildness retranslated into gentleness but then comes the misleading portion. Self-control could mean anything but I believe it is in condensing all matters of sexual exercise: modesty, continency, and chastity. Yet the word faith is missing in the RSV-CE. I suppose knowing that these are the fruits of the Spirit, then if I am doing these things I am walking by the spirit and giving no room for the flesh to manifest its works?

Does this living by the flesh have to do with grieving the Holy Spirit? What is the difference between grieving the Holy Spirit or denying the Holy Spirit?

I would love a discussion about the life in the Spirit distinguished from having charismatic gifts from the Spirit. I suppose the fruits are normal in the Spirit but the gifts are what are given for the edifying of those around me? Help.


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