The World Cup becomes The Pope Cup

VATICAN CITY — The curiously apt World Cup final match between Argentina and Germany (plus a slowish news day) means Twitter is aflitter with funny memes and hashtags for #PopeCupSunday.

Too funny! I’m not a sports fan at all, but I am stupendously in awe of Pope Emeritus Benedict so, go Germany! Unless the game is over…:slight_smile:

I miss Benedict XVI. Go Germany!! :thumbsup:

The Pope and emiritus pope should watch the game togethor.

Prediction: Germany 3-1 final

They should be invited to bless it together. If I were running the cup, I’d invite them.

LET GOD DECIDE!!! who will win lol.

more fun

Love ya, Pope Francis, and to be honest I think you’re in luck. A European team has never won a cup final in South America. Regardless of what anybody says, Germany are definitely underdogs here. All the same…mein ganzes Herz ist mit Deutschland!!!

(Oh, and if I need to say it: :D)


I miss him too, so–Go, Germany!!

My fav

Mein auch!!Go Deutschland!!:extrahappy:


I think RosslynV’s prediction is right, Germany wins 3 - 1

Vamos Argentina!

Argentina to win in Added Extra Time, maybe the Shootout.

Germany can be overconfident they defeated a Brazil that was given a lot of breaks in the tournament.

I miss him too.

He is my favorite Pope.

If Germany win, I congratulate them. They are a great team.

Per the World Cup in general, it sounds like Brazil as a country really has some big poverty and social problems.

And in 2 years I think, they host the Olympics.

Despite the huge win over Brazil, I don’t think it will be as high of a scoring game as that. Both will play defensively and conservatively for the vast majority of the game. Goals will come from mistakes, and neither will make many.

I’ll say Germany 1-0

That’s a funny picture

Lol another great picture. I was watching a picture where the Argentina starting line up is being presented and Pope Francis is seen in the starting 11.

I think Argentina will win another close game

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