The World Has Seen the Truth!


Right now, whether there are some good Moslems (and I most defenitly believe there are) or not, Islam is showing the world that just from some words spoken by the Pope about Islam that may or may not be true, that they are radical extremists and desire to kill and have already killed. There is no other voice for them speaking out. I just whatched the new, news website, radio, and all were quoting extremist Moslem fanaticals and their violent words of death and acts of death, and just utterly evil. DOES THIS NOT SAY SOMETHING???

Please, I have NOTHING against Islam, those who worship the God of Abraham, but for all Moslems living in America WHY ARE YOU NOT STANDING UP TO THIS MADNESS??? Even if you disagree with the Pope, at least stand up and have your voice heard so the world doesn’t see Islam in it’s entirety as a religon of death and evil!


:slight_smile: Its about the time, the catholics, stop being dhimi and PC. :thumbsup:


I just posted this query in another thread. I don’t expect them to jump up and speak out just because the Pope has come under fire, but where have they been for the last five years during all the madness?

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