The World Has Turned Upside Down

Miss California in the Miss USA pagent has been condemned and ostracized because she dared to say that she is for traditional marriage between a man and a woman. I think we have truly entered the Twilight Zone. I am now convinced without a doubt that we have completely lost our moral compass in the world. This is what a world without God looks like. Makes me just want to hide away in the Church next to the Tabernacle, the only place to find sanity. :blush:,2933,517137,00.html


Save room for me, Brooklyn.

More of us need to be following her example and speaking up for a Natural Law view of the scourge of homosexuality; publicly. If we do not, our freedom to speak will be taken away.

Interestingly, though, it is sad that Catholics take such staunch stands again homosexual marriage, but do not express the same outrage at fornication and adultery, which are as bad or worse. Catholic parents overlook their children fornicating with the opposite sex, but would lose their minds if the fornicating was the same sex. Intercourse is reserved for marriage between one man and one woman, according to Catholic teachings…NO EXCEPTIONS.


I second that Amen.

I third it.

Don’t worry! There are millions in this country that do not support gay marriage and do have morals. The reason why you get the feeling that we are losing the battle is because the radical/liberal’s are in control of the media.As you can see by the tea party rallys ALOT of people in this country have had enough and are starting to let their voices be heard and seen. The liberals/radicals are trying to create America into a secular humanist society.The one thing that always gets into their way and agenda’s is…THE CHURCH.! That is why they take shots at it in tv shows, movies,etc.

Yeah, and with the charge being led by that great thinker, Paris Hilton. The inmates are running the asylum.


While you raise a good point there is a valid reason for emphasizing the sinfullness of homosexual acts (not inclination) over heterosexual immorality. Adultery and fornication violate moral law as does homosexuality but the latter also violates natural law. True, either one can cause you to be damned to an eternity in Hell.


The problem is that the liberals not only control the media, they control the courts and the courts don’t have to answer to the public. Proposition 8 in California was necessary because the courts said the heck with what the people want. It’s going to be our way. The courts can still invalidate Prop 8 although they will have to find another reason to do it.


One can express the same outrage, but it goes on, and on, and on. After awhile, you sort of become numb because nothing changes and you have to protect your own sanity. That isn’t backing down, but I have become more quietly stubborn than white hot, which I find emotionally difficult to maintain.

If anyone does not believe we are in a war again the diseased perversions of Relativism, Liberalism, Socialism, and Materialism, then they are in sore need of help.:mad:

the big story to come out of the normally politics-free telecast was Miss California’s comments regarding gay marriage

Am I reading this story correctly that a beauty pagent judge asked a contestent her opinion of gay marriage and some people got in an uproar over the answer. Miss California’s opinion reflected the recent vote of the people in California. Maybe the contest judges shouldn’t ask such questions if they aren’t open to hearing diverse opinions on some subjects.

Actually, it’s “Perez Hilton”, a gay celebrity gossip blogger. Scary thought - ANOTHER vacuous Hilton!!!

Yeah, I just discovered that about a half hour ago. I’d never heard of Perez Hilton. I just assumed they were saying Paris. I couldn’t figure out why anyone cared what she thought.


Agreed agreed agreed.


Sodomy/homosexual marriage are in a league all its own. “Cries out for the vengeance of heaven,” etc… Not trivializing fornication, but God never destroyed entire communities directly because of it. Fornication stops at marriage. Sodomy is the curse that keeps on killing.

When the British army surrendered at Yorktown to the French ( it was French siege guns, French money, the French Navy, that won that battle. I wonder, when Louis XVI mounted the scaffold ten years later, did it occur to him that he paid for his own destruction? ) the British musicians played, " The world turned upside down. "
And indeed it did.
Now everything is subject to vote. You got what you wanted , did you not? :rotfl:

Who had maneuvered Cornwallis’s army onto Yorktown peninsula? Let’s see…That would be Nathanael Greene and his rag-tag American (not French) army.

And Barbara Tuchman explains in “The First Salute” that there was no song “The World Turned Upside Down” at the time of the surrender.

Nice try, though.

This may be a little presumptuous.

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